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Jan. 18, 2018

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Jan. 18, 2018

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. (MBI) has launched and made available a high-performance biological pesticide, Zelto™.    

Zelto is based on a non-living, novel bacterium that provides turf protection with a new mode of action for safely controlling insect pests that harm turf, such as chinch bugs, weevils and caterpillars. It was developed from MBI’s in-house discovery screening process. Zelto stops insects from developing after contact or feeding.

In addition to its insecticidal properties, as shown in field trials and golf course demonstrations, Zelto is highly effective against multiple species of nematodes, including ring, root knot, cyst, sting and lance. Zelto’s natural microbial compounds control nematodes by reducing or stopping reproduction and egg hatch, and also by reducing adult and juvenile nematode numbers.  Additionally, Zelto has also been shown to negatively impact the ability of nematodes to colonize or penetrate plant roots.   
Zelto is an easy-to-use liquid formulation and can be applied at planting and in-season through irrigation systems with no limit on the number of applications allowed per season. The formulation is flexible and easy handling for use on the teeing grounds, greens, roughs and fairways, as well as other turf and ornamental targets.  Zelto is also non-toxic to mammals, fish, birds and beneficial insects. 
“We are excited to bring Zelto to turf and ornamental customers to improve root health and wear-tolerance for turf,” said Lisa Malabad, MBI’s Insecticide and Nematicide Product Marketing Manager. “Non-toxic, with a minimal four-hour re-entry interval after application, Zelto Bionematicide/Bioinsecticide effectively eliminates down-time for playability on turf. Additionally, as a non-volatile formulation, Zelto provides improved worker, player and bystander safety, as well as reduced impact to the environment over alternative soil-borne pest control methods.”
Nematodes and soil dwelling insect pest issues are on the rise in turfgrasses. Their feeding damages the turfgrass plants and have a detrimental impact by compromising the playing surface of a golf course.  Zelto brings a powerful tool to golf superintendents for highly effective and safer turf management. 
According to ILLINI VENTURES INC, the 2016 turf and ornamentals market was approximately $875 million, of which about 77 percent is turf (golf and lawns). The nematicide market is growing the fastest because of the phase out and restrictions of older, hazardous products that create an opportunity for products like Zelto that more sustainably and effectively control nematode pests that cause serious turf damage. Insecticide use is approximately 20 percent of the overall turf management market.
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