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ProNuTech introduces new biological nematicide ProNuCur HYqrcode

May. 5, 2017

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May. 5, 2017

ProNuTech, Inc.
United States  United States

ProNuTech, Inc. introduces it's new, biological nematicide - ProNuCur HY – for unrestricted use in the United States. The company expects ProNuCur HY, a safe non-toxic substitute for banned chemical nematicides, to help reduce the billions of dollars in nematode-related losses the United States and the world face each year.
Commercial production and distribution of the pesticide will begin immediately.
ProNuTech, Inc will initially market the pesticide/Insecticide for use on: lawn and turf grasses; golf course greens and fairways; home Gardens; commercial nurseries; on high cash-value fruit, nut and vegetable crops.

Agricultural losses aside, nematodes take a heavy toll on ornamentals, flowers and turf grasses each year. Nematode-related losses amount to some 10% of the total economic value of these plants.
ProNuTech, Inc. estimates the potential market for ProNuCur HY to exceed that of previously banned synthetic chemical nematicides. The formula of ProNuCur HY is an all-natural process therefore eliminates risk and any special handling as in previous chemical based nematicides.
According to James Criggall, President, the nematode problem has worsened significantly in recent years in the wake of state and federal bans on many effective, but hazardous synthetic chemical nematicides, including various halogenated hydrocarbons, carbamates and organophosphates. "Modifying the behavior of normal microbes already in the soil," he added, "seems to be a far more sensible and practical approach to pest control than using potentially toxic chemicals or deliberately releasing genetically altered micro-organisms into the environment."
ProNuCur HY uses an innovative biological approach to pest control products for disease-producing fungi as well as nematodes.
Other Benefits
Improves soil
Increases plant-available water in your soil
Reduces irrigation
Reduces compaction
Increases and balances both water and air infiltration
Buffers soil temperature
Source: ProNuTech


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