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Nufarm present cutting-edge technologies for soybean and corn in Brazilqrcode

Mar. 20, 2017

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Mar. 20, 2017
Nufarm recently presented its portfolio of technologies for soybean and corn at an event promoted by the Agrarian Cooperative in the city of Guarapuava, Paraná.
According to Nufarm's Regional Trade Marketing Manager, Carlos Amadeu, one of the highlights in this event was the field days around the new herbicide ZethaMaxx® (flumioxazin + imazethapyr), which had been launched last year. Amadeu said that ZethaMaxx® surprised the market by the results it provides in the control of invasive desiccation for pre-planting and pre-emergence soybean management.
Nufarm also highlighted the herbicide Crucial® (glyphosate), the insecticide Inside® FS (clothianidin) , the bioinsecticides Armigen® (Virus VPN-HzSNPV) and Xentari® (Bacillus thuringiensis, subsp. Aizawai), the fungicide Rivax® (carbendazim+tebuconazole) and plant growth regulator ProGibb® (4% gibberellic acid).
Inside® FS as a seed treatment insecticide, also launched in the previous year, has been used successfully in soybean, corn and cotton.
Crucial®, is an herbicide that has already been used over an area of 50 million hectares. It is recognized for controlling the spread of pests, even in rainy periods.
The inclusion of bioinsecticide Armigen® and Xentari® marked a recent entry of Nufarm into the organic product segment. Armigen® is recommended for the control of Helicoverpa and Heliothis, while Xentari® is applied to various species, such as Spodoptera.
ProGibb® growth regulator was introduced in the market in late 2016. ProGibb increases the number of pods and the weight of soybean, with productivity gains of up to five bags per hectare.
Rivax®, just got its use extension in corn last month, could control the main foliar diseases.
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