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May. 11, 2022

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May. 11, 2022

Seed treatment with biostimulants is a technology to counteract environmental stress at the time of sowing, and improving yield, all starting from seed germination.

With more biostimulant products launched in the market, the research on the application of biostimulant products in seed treatment is also increasing. Here's a look at some of the new biostimulant seed treatment products introduced recently, as observed through articles posted on AgroPages.

image.pngSpinach goseed


Spinach goseed, introduced by Germains Seed Technology, is developed with zero chemical pesticides. Spinach goseed is a nutrient-rich coating technology combined with biostimulants formulated for use on Spinach to help plants better cope with abiotic stress.

Spinach goseed focuses on boosting early plant nutrition during the plant emergence and young plant growth stage, ensuring its success in variable growing conditions.

Across the numerous trial – Spinach goseed delivered an average of:

• 31% better emergence

• 30% better plant stand

• 21% higher final yields

Trials showed that Spinach goseed could significantly reduce crop losses due to abiotic stress during early plant growth. Trials also showed that this could directly impact final crop yields.


Sylas-ST®, from UPL Australia, is part of UPL's new BioSolutions range recently launched in Australia.

Sylas-ST is produced from sustainably sourced natural Atlantic Kelp, (Ascophyllum nodosum), that when applied to seeds, stimulates natural processes to enhance nutrient and water uptake, nutrient use efficiency and tolerance to abiotic stress, for better crop performance.

Sylas-ST has demonstrated in studies an innovative alternative, combining a sustainable growth bio-stimulant action on seedlings with the precise application delivery achieved when using a seed treatment.

Trial results from the Australian 2021 season have been extremely encouraging, with wheat trials in Western Australia and South Australia demonstrating improved yields using Sylas-ST in a BioSolutions program, and up to 9.5 times return on investment.

Two years of independent and scientific trials in the UK have shown Sylas-ST improves a crops nutrient and water use efficiency.

In independent studies conducted by the University of Nottingham in 2018 and 2019, Sylas treated seed showed a consistent 65 per cent (pc) improvement in root biomass compared to untreated seeds.


SuperSede™ line

FBSciences' SuperSede™ line is a line of crop-specific nutrition plus biostimulant seed treatment products, and includes SuperSede Corn, Small Grains, Soybean, and Cotton, with Peanut and Potato to come.

The SuperSede products bring together the power of FBSciences' highly bioactive and concentrated biostimulant FBS Transit® with specific nutrients that work as a synergistic catalyst to add propulsion to the crop and maximize the genetic potential of seed within a growing environment, driving faster, more consistent germination.

Using of SuperSede products can significantly increase the germination rate under high-stress conditions, including cold, frost, heat, salt, drought, wet soils, and phytotoxicity from fertilizers. By reducing the effect of these limiting factors, there is a significant increase in vigor and improved emergence for strong stand establishment. The SuperSede seed treatment solutions are compatible with all seed treatment products and designed with low use rates to complement the grower’s existing seed treatment program.



nurseed-max-plant-soil-biostimulant-high-value-plant.jpgFyteko's NURSEED®MAX is based upon a hydroxycinnamic oligomer. From a new class of biostimulants known as ‘signal’ molecules, this naturally occurring compound performs a crucial role within the plant, ‘training’ its natural defence mechanism to prepare for stress events such as heat and lack of water.

Crops treated with NURSEED®MAX demonstrate a significant yield increase for a seed treatment: even in the absence of stress, the average increase is between 4 to 8 per cent. 

More solutions will be discussed in the Biostimulant Seed Treatment Feature of “2022 Seed Treatment Special” magazine (June edition). If you are interested in sponsoring or joining this Feature, please contact me at christina@agropages.com.

pdf.jpgFeature sample - Microplastic-free seed treatment solutions (2021 Seed Treatment Special)


Source: AgroNews


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