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Monsanto introduces five new onion varietiesqrcode

Jan. 15, 2013

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Seminis, the vegetable seed arm of St. Louis-based Monsanto, has introduced five new onion seed varieties for the Pacific Northwest.

They are SV6672NW, SV6646NW, SV4058NU, XP 07716000 and SV4643NT, according to a news release.

SV6672NW is a Spanish hybrid cultivar with refined necks and a dark, semi-glossy green foliage. It is a 116- to 118-day onion with uniform globe-round bulbs.

SV6646NW is a spanish onion hybrid with bronze scale that can go both retail and food service. It produces uniform, round bulb with medium scale thickness that retains color quality in storage.

SV4058NU is a hybrid with a white bulb and superior flesh quality. It has semi-glossy foliage that performs well in heat stress and has excellent bolt tolerance and storage potential.

XP07716000 has high yield potential with a mild flavor. The 118-day onion produces uniform, round bulbs with single centers. It finishes with light brown scale and has performed well in ambient storage for six months.

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