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MPT’s new soil fumigant MustGrow got US registrationqrcode

Favorites Print Jan. 8, 2013

MPT-Mustard Products and Technologies Inc. (MPT) has recently received US EPA approval for new soil fumigant MustGrow™. MustGrow™ is used to control soil borne diseases and nematodes in fruit and vegetable crops and used as a pre-plant treatment. This natural product is originally sourced from mustard seed meal, but has been specifically formulated using MPT’s patented technology to provide superior levels of control comparable to those obtained when using standard commercial soil fumigants.

MustGrow™ is applied directly to the soil and used to control plant parasitic nematodes including: root knot, ring, lesion, lance, stubby root and sting, as well as soil borne diseases such as Pythium, Phytopthora, Fusarium and Verticillium.

"Unlike other uses of mustard as a biofumigant, MPT wanted to do something different.” said Paul Schorn, director of research and marketing for MPT. He went on to say, "MustGrow™ is not simply ground up mustard meal, MPT has spent years formulating a specific product that extracts and isolates targeted glucosinolates and enzymes from mustard seed to produce a product that provides significantly superior control to any other mustard product and equals the level of control and yield increases provided by standard soil fumigants, this was MPT’s main aim”.

"In numerous large scale grower led product demonstration trials, MustGrow™ has consistently provided up to a 10% increase in yield, above the yields obtained by standard synthetic soil fumigants,” said chief operating officer Jay Robinson, “in research trials carried out by an independent 3rd party research firm, MustGrow™ consistently performs just as well as the synthetic soil fumigants and often out performs them in yield, in some cases by up to 26%. The recent loss of 1-3D in Canada, the withdrawal of Methyl Iodide in the US and the encroaching loss of Methyl Bromide in the US will have growers aggressively looking for effective replacements. Undeniably, the performance of MustGrow™ in the field does attest to something that growers should well consider giving a try.”

Favorites Print
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