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FMC launches fungicide Locker in Brazil
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FMC launched a novel fungicide product Locker (active ingredients: carbendazim + tebuconazol + kresoxim-methyl) for control major diseases of soybean in Brazil.

Locker is a systemic fungicide, being the first product to have triple mode of action, launched in Brazil to control foliar diseases of soybeans and wheat, such as Asian soybean rust, powdery mildew, anthracnose, brown spot, target spot and frogeye leaf spot. Locker is a fungicide with unique formulation and three modes of action with a fine balance between the active ingredients.

Locker provides important benefits to the producer with broad-spectrum control of fungi and excellent residual effect. "The advanced formulation of Locker is able to extract the maximum effectiveness of its three components, and that is our great achievement." said Flavio Centola, fungicide product manager of FMC.

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