A crop enhancement insecticide that will control green leaf hoppers, a carrier of tungro virus, will be launched in the cities of Bago and Kabankalan and in Hinoba-an town in August by Syngenta Philippines.

The product, which is called “Virtako,”(chlorantraniliprole 20%+thiamethoxam 20%) will prevent infestation of GLH, carrier of the tungro virus. The virus is known as one of the most destructive infection that can affect rice plantations, Ian Mark Oga of Syngenta-Negros said yesterday.

He said the influx of the insects can lead to 40 to 70 percent loss in the crop yield, and that farmers can no longer control the insects once they invade the crop.

The first launching will be done in Bago City, being the rice granary of Negos Occidental with an average yield of 4 to 5 tons per hectare in normal conditions, he added.

Meanwhile, Syngenta-Negros will start its three-day medical mission today in Brgy. Tabunan, Bago City.

The group will provide free consultation, check-up, and free medicines to its partner-farmers who have proof of purchase worth P800, Richell Recoter, corporate social responsibility-senior coordinator of the company said.

Tomorrow, the medical mission will begin at Brgy. Saga-sa, Bago City and on Friday in Brgy. Payao, Binalbagan, town, he said.