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First registration of fludioxonil GR granted in Chinaqrcode

Apr. 1, 2021

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Apr. 1, 2021

According to China Pesticide Registration Watch, Chinese ICAMA recently granted two fludioxonil GR registrations for the first time, respectively to fludioxonil · azoxystrobin 0.2% GR (fludioxonil 0.05% + azoxystrobin 0.15%) of Shanxi Yuncheng Lukang Industrial Co., Ltd. registered for controlling watermelon wilt disease, and to fludioxonil 0.1% GR of Shaanxi Biogen Crop Science Co., Ltd. registered for controlling peanut root rot.

As a conventional formulation type, granules are mainly used in soil treatment to control underground pests, nematodes and paddy weeds, as well as some soil-borne and seed borne diseases.

As of 15th March, 2021, ICAMA approved 960 granule registrations that are still valid, covering macro granules, fine granules, microparticles and micro capsule granules. Most of these granules are insecticides, nematicides and herbicides, with only some 30 being fungicides.

These products, besides fludioxonil, also include hymexazol, azoxystrobin, metalaxyl, thifluzamide, thiram, probenazole, tricyclazole, propiconazole, fluazinam, pyraclostrobin and flutriafol, which are used to control watermelon and cucumber wilt, potato black scurf, and other diseases. 

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