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Value of agricultural production for Brazil in 2020 close to R$886 billionqrcode

Dec. 17, 2020

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Dec. 17, 2020

Value of agricultural production for Brazil in 2020 close to R$886 billion

The Gross Value of Agricultural Production (VBP) in 2020, based on information from November, is an estimated R$885.8 billion that is 15.1% above the value in 2019, which was R$769.8 billion. The VBP of crops increased by 19.2% and livestock by 7.3%.

Seven products from crops raised this year's VBP as compared to last year. These are peanuts (36.3%), rice (35.5%), cocoa (23.7%), coffee (39.8%), corn (20.9%), soy (40.4%) and wheat (48%). In livestock, the highlights are beef (14.5%), pork (23.3%) and eggs (10.1%).

These positive results were, in general, obtained by prices and exports. “The international market is attractive due to the favorable exchange rate and the growth in world demand for agricultural products,” explained the General Coordinator of Policy and Information Evaluation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, José Garcia Gasques.

Five products did not perform favorably this year. These are bananas (-12.6%), potato (-27.2%), tomatoes (-11.7%), grapes (-14%), and chicken meat (-4%).

By regions, the Midwest leads the estimate of VBP, pulled by the state of Mato Grosso. Then there is the South, especially Paraná, then the Southeast (São Paulo), Northeast and North.

The prognosis for 2021 estimates a VBP of R$1.025 trillion

Although they are preliminary, the available figures show a VBP of R$1.025 trillion for the next year. Crops have grown by 19.2% compared to this year, and livestock by 15.1%. According to the analysis of the projections, corn and soy continue to show growth. In addition to these, cocoa, rice, wheat, beef and pork show indicators of a good performance.

The estimated revenue for soybean is R$328.6 billion, while for corn it is R$112.8 billion, and R$139.9 billion for beef.

The surveys released by Conab and IBGE additionally show that crop forecasts are good for next year. Gasques also noted that all meat (beef, pork, chicken) indicated a record VBP in 2021.


The original Portuguese version of this piece is from CULTIVAR. 

Source: AgroNews

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