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Dec. 10, 2020

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Dec. 10, 2020

Bayer Crop Science China held a national launch meeting for its new generation patented insecticide Tetraniliprole, under its trade name Vayego on December 6, 2020, in Guangzhou, which was accompanied by a technical workshop.

Alfonso Alba, Country Division Head for Bayer Crop Science Greater China,  while speaking at the meeting, said that since its business presence in Chinese agriculture 60 years ago, Bayer Crop Science has been committed to cooperating with all business partners. Bayer has introduced innovative plant protection technologies, dedicated to its vision of “Health for all and Hunger for none” while making contributions to the sustainable development of Chinese agriculture. The innovative new product Vayego protects crops against Lepidoptera more efficiently, which will enable farmers to “recapture grain from the mouth of pests” to ensure yield and income to the farmer.


Alfonso Alba, Country Division Head for Bayer Crop Science Greater China addressing a speech at the launching ceremony

At the technical workshop, Li Yongping, senior agronomist of NATESC, said that in 2020 the occurrence of rice pests in China has become relatively serious and there is an urgent need for new and high-efficiency pesticides. Given the increasingly serious Lepidoptera pest damages, Bayer's brand new patented Tetraniliprole has shown good results in the preliminary tests in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces and is expected to become a primary pesticide for control of rice stem borer and rice leaf roller in the years ahead.

Bayer's Vayego is planned for registration and application broadly in the world, targeting application to over 50 crops such as field crops (rice, corn, soybean, cotton), vegetables (cabbage, solanaceae, bulbs, stem) and fruit trees (nut, stone fruits, citrus and grapes) for control of 40 kinds of insect pests. In China, Vayego has been registered for use in cabbage and extended use in a dozen crops is being filed for approval. The product is expected to provide Chinese growers with efficient, long-lasting and convenient pest control solutions.

Vayego’s active ingredient is Tetraniliprole with the action of stomach toxicity. The product directly acts on the ryanodine receptor which controls the release of calcium ions, to cause the uncontrolled release of intracellular calcium ions, resulting in an insect’s muscle contraction, paralysis, cessation of feeding and death.

Data show that Vayego has five distinctive features. The active ingredient Tetraniliprole is highly effective against Lepidoptera pests, which has been proved by many years of trials worldwide. It forces pests to quickly stop feeding and the effect is long-lasting. It has a stable activity on the 1st to 3rd instar larvae, and is insensitive to change of temperature and pH value.

The field efficacy trials show that Vayego has an excellent effect on cabbage pests such as plutella xylostella and spodoptera exigua in bisamide-sensitive areas, which is proof of its high-efficient performance in the field.

In recent years, bisamide insecticides, with their unique mechanism of action and the advantages of high efficiency, broad-spectrum and long-lasting effect, could meet the farmer’s requirements of low toxicity, safety and high efficiency. For these reasons, it is highly regarded in the market and has become an increasingly favorite product in the pesticide market. Lepidoptera application accounts for about 35% of insecticide applications, whilst bisamide insecticides are the main tools for control of the Lepidoptera pests. Vayego focuses on major crops for controlling the Lepidoptera pest, providing powerful support against insect pests.

With Vayego being launched in China, Bayer Crop Science is once again bringing its edge tool to serve Chinese agriculture, which is a global innovative technology to help Chinese agricultural to develop in high-quality and in a sustainable way. In the years ahead, Bayer Crop Science is prepared to continue its innovation-driven development of advanced agricultural technology, product and service, which will add a new color to the painting of Chinese agricultural harvesting.



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