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Can SmartWater be a weapon of farmers against the drought?qrcode

Nov. 24, 2020

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Nov. 24, 2020

Frequently occurring droughts all over the globe are teaching us to be ready for this uncontrolled disaster. It became usual to hear news informing us that severe droughts in some countries are attacking farmers. Accurate climate forecast is no longer a practical option against droughts due to the rapid climate change.

Seed varieties against drought and bio-stimulants inducing drought-resistant effect on crops are good options to reduce drought damages. But they don’t still seem enough considering the huge damages by drought. Unless we can naturally generate water in the field, keeping water as long as possible will be the best option to fight against the drought.

Global Agro, the biological solution provider & bio-technology company in Korea has suggested this right way with an ecofriendly soil water keeper called SmartWater. This bio-degradable granule consisting perlite and plant-derived cellulose can do more things than we expect. 

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“SmartWater persists for 6 months to keep water and nutrition in soil and is naturally degraded after 1 year without any concern of soil contamination. Sprayed into soils, it kick-starts process to form water-nets inside soils and this unique mode of action removes some negative effects such as root exposures above soils, which happens often from the use of water absorbing and swelling materials.” Global Agro Marketing Leader Donglion Kim said.

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From the perspective of agronomics, water-keeping in soils reduces the costs arising from frequent irrigation. In addition, the combination of microbial-based bio-simulants and SmartWater will enhance the mutually positive effects because SmateWater provides appropriate moisture environments for microbial growth in soils.

“Interestingly this granule can quickly drain extra water to prevent over-humidity. This means that SmartWater can be used for a flood damage preventer as well as a soil water keeper. The best function is shown in case of soil incorporation application. However, don’t worry if you lost this application timing to use this product because it can be also sprayed on the top of soil around plant owing to the penetration effect.” Kim added.

Water is becoming more scarce resource due to the frequent drought occurrence. Just like other problems from pests and diseases, drought should be controlled with the combined strategic approach with various solutions. 

Can SmartWater be a weapon of farmers against the drought? It seems highly likely.


Global Agro : Global Agro is the biological solution provider & bio-technology company in Korea. Based on the innovative R&D capabilities, it has developed various bio/green solutions including SmartWater and Vi-vaccine(plant disease virucide). Also as a specialized distributor in Asia region, it is distributing Fitomaat of Futureco Bioscience in Spain as a sole exclusive distributor of this product in Asia.

Source: AgroNews

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