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Agenda announced for 2020CPEW, exclusively sponsored by Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia)qrcode

Aug. 6, 2020

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Aug. 6, 2020

The 2020 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (2020CPEW) is scheduled to start in Hangzhou, China, from 27th to 28th August.

The event’s current agenda has been announced, which includes topics covering market developments in China and India, as well as regional market changes across South America, North America and Eastern Europe. During the current circumstances, CPEW is fully committed to continuing to run its professional business platform to benefit global industry practitioners. 

2020CPEW is sponsored exclusively by Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2009. Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qilu Pharmaceutical Group, a national high-tech enterprise. It is also Inner Mongolia’s regional pesticide and veterinary drug biological fermentation base, corporate R&D center, national postdoctoral workstation, FDA and APVMA certified manufacturer, and EPA and EDQM certified manufacturer.


Qilu Inner Mongolia has two fermentation bases, one in Hohhot and another in Hulunbeir, with a total tank volume of 100,000 m3, making it the largest drug fermentation enterprise in the world.

Qilu Inner Mongolia 's abamectin production capacity leads the market, capturing over 50% of market share and enabling the company to become the world’s leading abamectin manufacturer and supplier. In 2017, the company successfully developed spinosad, which was commercialized and released to market, making the company the second commercialized product supplier in the world. With the commissioning of the Hulunbuir base construction project, the production capacity of spinosad will exceed 1,500 tons, making it the world's number one manufacturer.

Spinosad is a neurotoxic insecticide with a broad-spectrum effect, high-efficiency, low-toxicity, and is environmentally-friendly. It also won the US President’s Green Chemistry Challenge Award. Many of its formulations have been recognized as organic by the OMRI, and these pesticides are recommended by the US Department of Agriculture as green pesticides for the production of organic agricultural products. Spinosad has a wide range of applications. It is not only widely used on vegetables, fruits, field crops, garden flowers and trees to kill mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches, but it is also used in forest protection, food storage and animal protection. Therefore, as global environmental protection and food safety management have become more and more stringent, the market prospects of spinosad are very promising.

Qilu Inner Mongolia has focused on advanced biotechnical development, producing high-quality, safe and efficient green biopesticides and veterinary products via the fermentation process, which protect the health of crops and animals, increase agricultural output and contribute to human food security.

Qilu Inner Mongolia attaches importance to clean production, energy conservation, emission reduction, pollution control and work safety whiles stressing on employee health. The company has been accredited in three prime systems, which are ISO9001-2015, ISO14001-2015 and ISO45001-2018, and was awarded the honor of the Green Factory of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2020.

Qilu Inner Mongolia is continuing its work in biotechnical research and development, focusing on the innovation of biological pesticides and veterinary drugs, to provide clients with green, efficient and environment-friendly biological pesticides and veterinary drugs that will contribute to agricultural production and food supply. The company aims to become the No.1 supplier in the biopesticide and veterinary industries.

——————Qilu Inner Mongolia · 2020CPEW ———————

All keynote speeches at the Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) 2020CPEW have been finalized, and there will also be registration-oriented technical exchange activities. Due to the current pandemic, part of overseas speeches will be presented via online video. CPEW will continue operating its professional platform for learning, exchange, sharing and interaction among industry practitioners, covering policy orientation, market information, business experience and registration practices.

The changes of industry pattern in China/India

1.  China's pesticide import and export analysis in 2020 and interpretation of the latest export regulations

Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals,   Ministry of Agriculture, China

2.  Analysis on the distribution and production capacity of agrochemical enterprises in China Chemical Park (Northwest | Central | Northeast)     

Yang Guangliang, Professor/Senior Engineer, The institute of Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning of China  

3.  The industry integration trend and enterprise transformation and development direction in China/India     

Wu Di, Manager of Research Department, CICC (China)

Akhil Agarwal, Vice President, Ernst & Young (India)

4.  Key challenges for the CP industry post-pandemic
Hartmut van Lengerich, Global Head of Crop Protection Asset Management, Crop Science Division of Bayer

The changing environment of international market

5.  Understanding the changes in Brazilian agricultural distribution channels and leveraging distributor resources

Renato Seraphim, CEO, ARO100 (Brazil)

6.  How do Chinese suppliers and local Brazilian companies connect their respective advantages and serve the changing markets

Andre del Giudice Santos, General Manager, Tundra (Brazil)

He Jinghua, General Manager, Beta Chemicals (China)

7. Brazil's registration trend of new active ingredients and the potential of bio-solution market

Andre Nannetti, General Manager Marketing, IHARA (Brazil)

8.  The impact of India’s new plant protection regulations and national policies on the agrochemical industry

Ravikiran R. Chaudhari, Head of China purchasing, UPL

9.  Changes in U.S. agriculture distribution channels and exploration of new sales model                                                        

Dean Hendrickson, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, CHS (U.S.)

Tom Staples,President,Farmer's Business Network, Inc.

10. Analysis of Russian crop protection market and the opportunities of biopesticide /explanation of regulations in CIS countries   

Bursevich Veranika, Director of Business Development, Peters&Burg Agrochemical Holding (Hungary)

Olena Guz, Regulation Expert, Polgar ACRO (CIS)


Sharing of views and experiences

11. Changes of procurement strategies of multinational companies

Procurement leads of multinational companies

12. Limin's overseas market expansion strategy and experience of responding to the major regulatory changes in key market  

Zou Feng, Vice General Manager, Limin Chemical (China)   

13.  How does Pilarquim develop overseas independent brands with "Made in China" philosophy?

Mu Canxian, President, Mindleader/Pilarquim (China)

14. Thinking and discussion on common problems in international market expansion of Chinese agrochemical companies

Wang Wencai, President, Rainbow Chemical (China)

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