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Brazilian pesticide market for corn up 8%qrcode

May. 18, 2020

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May. 18, 2020

Brazilian pesticide market for corn up 8%

By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for AgroPages 
The consultancy company, Spark - Strategic Intelligence, exclusively revealed, to AgroPages, its annual BIP (Business Intelligence Panel) Corn study. The survey showed that treatment with agrochemicals generated US$ 312 million during the 2019/20 summer harvest. The result meant an increase of 8% in the use of pesticides applied to the most cultivated cereal in Brazil compared to the previous harvest.
According to Spark's managing partner, André Dias, this growth is related to a 10% increase in the rate of adhesion of producers to the control of pests, diseases and invaders. According to Dias, the average number of treatments determined by the BIP study during the harvest was 11.2 per planted area, while considering an increase of 4% in the planting of seeds with Bt + RR technology to be relevant. Such cultivars accounted for 78% of corn plating areas, equivalent to 2.647 million hectares, he added.
Spark project coordinator Lucas Alves said that Bt + RR seeds absorbed 74% of crop protection product sales, corresponding to US$ 232 million. In the 2018-19 harvest, the executive compares, the same cultivars occupied, proportionally to the area then planted, 71% of the crops, moving US $ 191 million.
According to Spark's survey, herbicides lead the way in terms of corn agrochemicals, having a 38% market share and generating sales of $118 million. Glyphosate remains the main active ingredient, accounting for 44% of the market and valued at $52 million. Atrazine held 25% of the market with a value of $25 million, and the assets, tembotrione, atrazine + simazine, clethodim and mesotrione, among others, were valued at $41 million.
Vice-leader in terms of cultures, seed treatment management totaled 22% of sales or $68 million. Spark pointed out that the treatment of seeds with insecticides generated $63 million, equivalent to 93% of the category, an increase of 17% compared to the 2018-19 cycle. The treatment of seeds using fungicides, according to Spark, showed stable sales of $5 million or 7%.
Spark's figures also revealed that insecticides had a 20% share among corn pesticides, totaling $63 million in terms of value. With almost half of market share in the category, the third most important segment for the industry in terms of culture was driven by the control of caterpillars, reaching $31 million in sales or 49% of the market. Equally representative, insecticides for controlling suckers, such as leafhoppers and green bellies, totaled $30 million in value or 48%.
The fourth sales category, with a 17% share, is corn fungicides, valued at $53 million. Products from the strobilurin + triazole group reached a value of $29 million, followed by “premium” with $10 million and “protective” with $10 million. Adjuvant products, a segment with a lower agricultural presence in general, closed the harvest with 3% of sales, valued at $9 million.
Among the production states, BIP Milho from Spark stressed that Rio Grande do Sul leads in terms of cultivated area, accounting for 28% at 939,000 hectares. Minas Gerais came in second with 23% at 774,000 hectares. In the third and fourth positions are Santa Catarina and Paraná, which had planted areas of 548,000 hectares (16%) and 462,000 hectares (14%), respectively. In fifth is São Paulo with 8% at 273,000 hectares, while Goiás and Bahia had 233,000 hectares (7%) and 166,000 hectares (5%), respectively.
Source: AgroNews

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