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Australia to approve herbicide active constituent trifludimoxazin and BASF's Voraxor Herbicideqrcode

Apr. 8, 2020

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Apr. 8, 2020
The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has an application for the approval of a new agricultural active constituent, trifludimoxazin, for use as a herbicide, and BASF's Voraxor Herbicide, containing trifludimoxazin and approved active constituent saflufenacil.
The APVMA has evaluated the chemistry aspects of trifludimoxazin (identification, stability, physicochemical properties, manufacturing process, specifications, quality control procedures, batch analysis results and analytical methods) and found them to be acceptable. Impurities of toxicological significance are not expected to occur in trifludimoxazin as a result of the raw materials and the synthetic route used. The APVMA is satisfied that the proposed use of trifludimoxazin would not be an undue toxicological hazard to the safety of people exposed to it during its handling and use.
The APVMA is also satisfied that the proposed use of Voraxor Herbicide containing the active constituents trifludimoxazin and saflufenacil will not be an undue hazard to the safety of people exposed to it, and is not likely to be harmful to human beings, animals, plants or things or the environment if used according to the product label directions. Moreover, APVMA is also satisfied that the proposed use of Voraxor Herbicide would not adversely affect trade between Australia and places outside Australia as the product is not for use in animals producing any major Australian export commodities.
The APVMA invites any person to submit a relevant written submission as to whether the application for approval of trifludimoxazin or Voraxor Herbicide should be granted. Submissions must be received by the APVMA within 28 days of the date (7 April 2020) of this notice.

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