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How Soil conditioner Agri-SC- L promotes root grow and increases yields?qrcode

Mar. 25, 2020

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Mar. 25, 2020
1. What is Agri-SC-L?

Agri-SC- L, a complex source and best ratio of soil regulating activator, Pollen polysaccharide (extracted from rape pollen), humic acid, fulvic acid and other key compounds, was developed and is being produced by Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd., to improve soil quality for all crops. Field proven over the last 10 years in China and other countries in vegetable fields, fruit fields, and turf grass land, the product improves soil quality, promotes root grow and increases yields.
Chengdu Newsun is the first manufacturer in China to register soil conditioner products and promote them in the market.

2. The mode of action of Agri-SC-L of Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co.,Ltd.

3. Benefits of using Agri-SC-L of Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co.,Ltd.
1) Improves soil structure: Reduces soil compaction and soil hardness.
2) Makes roots stronger: Regulates balance of soil factors: moisture-nutrition-air-heat.
3) Enhances Soil Productivity: Increases soil fertilizer retention, moisture retention.
4) Enhances fertilizer efficiency by 25%: Increases fertilizer uptake by over 25%.
5) Reduces salinity: Stimulates the chelation of excess salts.
4. Field trials of Agri-SC-L of Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co.,Ltd.
1) Results: Soil treated with Agri-SC-L is higher quality, and roots grow better.
2) Results: Soil treated with Agri-SC-L helps the crops grow stronger and roots growth better.
3) Results: About 20 days later, the untreated soil is still hard, but the soil treated with Agri-SC-L is much better, with good soil structure to retain water. 
Trial conditions:
• Soil weight: 100 grams (soil under same condition with soil hardness problem)
• Untreated: Only add 50ml of water
• Treated with Agri-SC-L: 40ml water +10ml Agri-SC-L
• 20 days later, we can see the difference below.
4) Trials on other crops
5. Target crops

6. How to use Agri-SC-L:

Application method: Only through soil application, non foliar application. 
• Apply by flood irrigation: 12-24 liters/ha, tank mix compatible with soil fertilizers.
• Apply by dripping irrigation: 12-24 liters/ha, compatible with NPK or nutrition fertilizer. 
• Apply by spraying on soil surface: 12-24 liters/ha, mix compatible with fertilizer. 
• Please keep the soil wet. Irrigate the field before or after application.
• 1-2 applications per year.
Source: AgroNews

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