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“China pesticide export tax rebates increase” received positive feedbacks from overseas buyersqrcode

Mar. 20, 2020

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Mar. 20, 2020

“China pesticide export tax rebates increase” received positive feedbacks from overseas buyers

Recently, the Chinese government announced that starting from March 20, 2020, the tax rebate rate for some export goods will be increased, which involves more than 370 pesticide varieties under HS Code Chapters 29 and 38. For pesticide technicals, the export tax rebate rate will be adjusted to 13% if tax is paid at 13%; for all pesticide formulations, export tax rebate rate will be adjusted to 13% if tax is paid at 13%, where export tax rebate rate will be adjusted to 9% if tax is paid at 9%.
The current COVID-19 epidemic spreading globally has seriously affected the normal international trade of pesticides, causing the inability of Chinese factories to produce normally, the logistics to be blocked, and the business travel of overseas buyers to be restricted. Therefore, buyers are very happy to hear the news that China increases export tax rebates and recover the pesticide JD registration (produced in China and only for exportation) process to promote the exportation, but they also expressed more concerns about how to get China’s pesticide information in time and make suitable purchasing strategy.
AgroPages' Chinese pesticide export analysis database might highlight its value in this special period. We hope introducing this useful analysis tool to more purchasing managers would help them improving their procurement efficiency.
Over the past two years, purchasing managers of more than 100 companies in more than 50 countries have used this database. With the help of these users, this database has been upgraded three times, which can meet the request of buyers to track China pesticide export volume, value, and analyze export price trends, it can also help locate down some new sources and reliable suppliers.
Database diagram

Taking Glufosinate, a hot variety in recent years, as an example.In the database you will see:

1.In 2019, glufosinate exported 16,533 tons, of which 8,029 tons were exported as techinical and 8,504 tons as formulations. They were exported to 64 countries, among which the United States, Vietnam and Malaysia ranked among the top three.

2.In 2019, the major content of export glufosinate TC is 95%. The major formulation type is 200g / L SL, 150g / L SL, 10% SL. There is a small quantity of glyphosate + glufosinate mixture.

3.From the data analysis of 2017-2019, the glufosinate technicals had peak shipments in December 2017, January, March, September of 2018, May, August, and November of 2019 and prices continued to fall, with troughs in December 2019.

4.Tracking and analyzing exporters, we can find that in 2019, glufosinate has 79 exporters of technicals and 109 exporters of formulations. The top 5 major exporters account for over 60% of the export value.
Table1: 2019 glufosinate export volume and value

Table2: 2017-2019 glufosinate 95% TC export price trend

Table 3: 2019 glufosinate exporters analysis

China's pesticide export analysis database is comprehensive and accurate, and the analysis charts are highly visualized. It is an indispensable tool for global purchasing managers to analyze target product volume and price trends, locate suppliers and choose the right procurement timing.
Please contact AgroPages to get the trial account of database. agropages@vip.163.com

Source: AgroNews

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