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BASF Vegetable Seeds presents Bernini, the new Nunhems branded melon varietyqrcode

Dec. 19, 2019

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Dec. 19, 2019
In recent days, Bernini F1 *, the new variety of melon proposed by Nunhems Italia - BASF Vegetable Seeds business, was presented at several meetings with producers in the most suitable areas of Italy in the provinces of Mantua, Ferrara and Verona. Agricultural Solutions Division.

Precocity, high yield, resistance to over-ripeness and excellent long shelf life, in addition to high brix degree and unmistakable taste and aroma: these are some of the qualities and characteristics of Bernini F1, the new variety of melon proposed by Nunhems Italia - BASF Vegetable Seeds business , Agricultural Solutions Division.

It is a variety that immediately aroused great interest and is the novelty for late-stage and tunnel greenhouse transplants. The slow color change to yellow, with meridians that remain evident and the excellent hold of the ripe fruit on the plant, combined with high sugar content and unique aroma, make Bernini F1 the ideal solution for reducing labor costs, guaranteeing levels very high and distinctive quality standards.

Bernini F1 netted melon has a medium-precocious cycle, excellent fruit set capacity and a balanced plant with medium vigor. High performance and uniform caliber complete its technical characteristics.

The hold in post harvest is excellent and after 7 days the fruit looks fresh, greatly increasing the index of visual approval, with bright green meridians, well marked and an elegant contrast of the yellow background. The Bernini F1 melon has a typical and intense aroma, an aromatic taste and another sugar degree and, thanks to its extended shelf-life, with preservation it increases juiciness and maintains the high organoleptic quality, that is the olfactory intensity and aromatic.

"The consumption of melon is very linked to quality - explains Matteo Bano , Melon & Watermelon BASF Sales Specialist - with Bernini F1 we ​​present an excellent quality product that, not only gives production ease, but we are sure it will meet the favor of the markets, of the GDO and consumer. This variety has indeed been very successful in all the trials, finding a great appreciation both visually and organoleptically, and it will be the new reference for the next year and those to come ”.

* Variety being registered to the European Common Catalog

Editor's note: This article was originally published in Italian. This English summary has been prepared with Google Translate and edited for clarity.

Source: Nunhems

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