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Beijing Multigrass: A breakthrough in the development of three major biopesticides – kasugamycin, gibberellic acid, oligo saccharinqrcode

Dec. 10, 2019

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Dec. 10, 2019

Beijing Multigrass: A breakthrough in the development of three major biopesticides – kasugamycin, gibberellic acid, oligo saccharin

On 21st November, Beijing Multigrass Formulation Co., Ltd. held a technical seminar in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. Du Wei (General Manager of Beijing Multigrass), Zhang Tao (Director of the Crop Services Department), Zhang Jianbo (Technical Director) and over 100 major customers from around the country participated in the seminar.

Du Wei, General Manager of Beijing Multigrass Formulation
Since its establishment, Beijing Multigrass has focused on the research, development, registration and sale of biological products, covering two types of biological products, which are plant-sourced products and biological fermentation-based products. Its plant-sourced products include matrine, rotenone, fungous proteoglycan and seaweed extract fertilizers while its biological fermentation-based products are spinosad, gibberellic acid and kasugamycin. The company currently has two production bases, which are Miyun in Beijing and Xinxiang in Henan. 

Du Wei said that the company was initially engaged in export trade, as matrine was well-known in the international market and was widely recognized by the government, channel merchants, retailers and farmers from various countries. With developments to the domestic market, the company began to focus on research and development in the application technology of biopesticides, as well as on developing effective and long-lasting products for mixtures, to further expand its product portfolio and improve crop quality and safety. The company’s focus on biopesticides is expected to reap rewards in the near future, he added.

Zhang Tao, Director of the Crop Services Department of Beijing Multigrass Formulation

In 2019, the company’s domestic market witnessed overall expansion, and a crop service department was established to provide comprehensive technical services. Zhang Tao said that in the future, the company will establish and provide packaged solutions according to the needs of crop plantations. The product brands offered by the company include Baimai, Baia, Jinghu and Baisha, which will be released by 2022. The company is also prepared to shape its kasugamycin, gibberellic acid and oligo saccharin product folio, which will make the company a biological pesticide industry leader.

Zhang Jianbo,Technical Director of Beijing Multigrass Formulation

Zhang Jianbo pointed out that the function of Beijing Multigrass’ Baiclean product, oligo saccharin, is not only to prevent and control viruses, but also to improve light energy utilization, prevent and control soil-borne diseases, stimulate crop rooting and enhance plant stress resistance, via the induction of resistant proteins (enzymes), phytoalexin, growth hormones and other stress resistance factors. Meanwhile, it is noted that mixing the product with systemic pesticides creates a synergistic effect.

Customer share
During the seminar, customers’ representatives from around the country shared their experiences in applying the products of Beijing Multigrass. Zhao Lingui from Yunnan Province said that he has cooperated with the company for more than ten years, knowing that its product are proven to be effective in terms of immunization and crop health. Zhang Xueshun from Hainan explained the effects of gibberellic acid and kasugamycin on mangos.
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