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From “production” to “creation”: Sino-Agri Union take Fluopimomide as core to establish proprietary brandsqrcode

Dec. 2, 2019

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Dec. 2, 2019
A seminar was recently held by Sino-Agri United Biotechnology (Sino-Agri Union) in Mountain Wuyi, Fujian Province, attended by Xu Hui, General Manager of Sino-Agri United Biotechnology, Xiao Changhai, Deputy General Manager of Sino-Agri Union and Managing Director of Sino-Agri Union’s Crop Protection Company, Tang Jianfeng, Chief Engineer, special guest Joao Martins, General Manager of Ascenza, Portugal, Cathal Daynes, Global Technical Director of Tradecorp, Spain, Jiang Zhengrui, General Manager of Ningbo Yihui, and over 100 dealers’ representative from around the country.

At the seminar, the current market situation and future development were discussed in depth. Changhai stated, "This year, Sino-Agri Union’s sales in China’s domestic market exceeded the target set at the beginning of the year. Our company will continue to focus on delivering our own technical materials and creative core products to key market regions, especially Shandong, South China and Northwest China, to increase the sales value of our proprietary formulation products to Yuan500 million by 2020.”

Increased investment to ensure stable supply  
Sino-Agri Union invested hundreds of millions in building a modern chemical plant in Weifang and Tai'an, Shandong Province. Another 10,000-ton-plus formulation production facility is also planned for construction in Jinan, whilst efforts are being made to strictly comply with environmental and work safety requirements. Due to the company’s long-term high-standard environmental compliance practices, recent environmental inspection and regulation campaigns have not significantly affected production in the factories of Sino-Agri Union, enabling it to provide reliable and adequate product supplies to its customers. The company’s dominant position in the insecticide market, especially in terms of neonicotinoid insecticide, has established a solid platform for launching novel technical materials and formulation products on a long-term basis.
Sino-Agri Union switching successfully from “production” to “creation” 
Sino-Agri Union has built a well-equipped R&D platform to support its new pesticide development efforts covering fungicides, nematicides, bactericides, insecticides and herbicides. Through a complete efficacy testing process and the selection of optimum agents, Sino-Agri Union has established a full set of bioassay systems.
In 2019, Sino-Agri Union’s patented fungicide product, fluopimomide (Union No.1), was awarded registration and successfully launched in the market for controlling cucumber downy mildew (fluopimomide 50% WG, under the trade name, Kanuozi), potato late blight (fluopimomide 40%•dimethomorph SC, under the trade name, Yeqiao) and rice sheath blight (fluopimomide 40%•hexaconazole SC). Since the market release of Union No.1 in 2019, its sales has exceeded Yuan30 million, doubling the previous year’s total. Union No.1 is also planned to be registered for extensive application on other crops, such southern taro and tobacco. Its mixture with pyraclostrobin is expected to be registered in 2020 for use on grapes. Several new formulations are also currently being developed, such as suspension concentrate and microcapsule.
Sino-Agri Union's nematicidal product, Sanfushaxianzhi, is already patented in China, the United States, the EU and Australia, and is expected to be released in the market in 2022. Another bactericide product that controls cabbage soft rot is also under development, which is several times more effective than quinolinone.  
In addition to its insecticidal and bactericidal departments, the herbicide technical service’s team of Sino-Agri Union has also achieved rapid growth in terms of providing technical services. The company sold 14 tons of 2,4-D-2-ethylhexyl in one year without causing any phytotoxicity, as dicamba never drifts under a temperature of 25c. The company is planning to launch more patented herbicide products, such as “S-metolachlor 45%•oxadiazon EC,” which is registered for application on ginger, and “prosulfocarb 25%•diflufenican•fluthiazolamide•flufenacet SC,” which is registered for application on winter wheat. Furthermore, the company’s macro-granule product developed for Northeast China will soon be released.
Technical services creating the future
There is great potential in China’s agricultural material market, where the planting area of protected vegetables increased from 1.8 million hectares in 2000 to 3.9 million hectares, with further room for future growth.
In 2019, Sino-Agri Union released a dozen 10-million level sales products, while the number of its domestic million-level customers has been growing. The effectiveness and efficiency of its technical service’s team is maintaining the company’s domestic sales growth. Sino-Agri Union will continue to work hard to become a model player in the Chinese agrochemical industry. 
Source: AgroNews

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