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Syngenta launches specific portfolio for ornamental plants in Spainqrcode

Nov. 6, 2019

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Nov. 6, 2019
By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for AgroPages
Syngenta Professional Solutions has just launched its new catalog with specific solutions registered in Spain for use in ornamental plants, aimed at offering professional products with special characteristics developed for such crops, as they are often located in urban areas such as parks or gardens and in green sports spaces, etc.
The new catalog, presented at the Iberflora 2019 event, covers all kinds of phytosanitary solutions for ornamental horticulture, which includes a complete list of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, growth regulators, nutrients and chelates. The solutions developed provide better tools to operate and produce quality plants with high profitability, said Syngenta.
Syngenta revealed that it is investing heavily in new phytosanitary products, developed at its R&D centers, to be used exclusively for ornamental plants and flowers. With this, it aims to accelerate innovation in this sector, which is vital for urban areas and landscaping.
The catalog includes the main novelty of this campaign, which is the new growth regulator Bonzi (paclobutrazol). "It is the first phytosanitary product of Syngenta dedicated exclusively to ornamental plants," revealed Rui Delgado, manager of Green Areas of Syngenta Professional Solutions.
It is a state-of-the-art solution that facilitates a more compact bearing, with a better balance of flowers/plant stems. The application of Bonzi allows the plant to better resist stress during cultivation, and later in the distribution chain (transport, storage, lack of light).
“Bonzi offers many advantages, more compact, homogeneous, more branched plants with more developed root systems; flowers with more intense colors; programmed blooms, more abundant and homogeneous; plants more resistant to stress; precise management of the development phases in order to market the plants; reduction of labor costs by reducing the necessary breaks, reduction of water and fertilizer needs; and better resistance of the plants in the chain of commercialization, as well as in the particular,” said the manufacturer.
Another novelty that Syngenta highlighted in Iberflora 2019 is the new Premazor Turbo herbicide (Glyphosate + Diflufenican), a total herbicide against weeds from areas not cultivated in parks and gardens and industrial areas, and which is one of the few authorized solutions in Spain for use in these green spaces. Premazor Turbo aids in controlling a maximum number of weeds that are normally found in green spaces with a very good persistence and efficiency and is easy to use.
Syngenta's catalog for ornamental plants includes the herbicide, Zetrola (Propaquizafop), and the insecticides, Affirm (emamectin benzoate), Agrimec (Abamectin), Evure (Tau-fluvalinate), Karate Zeon (lambda-cyhalothrin) and Trigard (cyromazine).

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