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Market Drives Innovation: Themes of 2019 Ag Formualtion and Application Technology Congress confirmedqrcode

Sep. 6, 2019

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Sep. 6, 2019

In recent years, the launch speed of new agrochemical molecules has slowed down globally, the problem of resistance of diseases, pests and weeds has become increasing severe, the governments of various countries are imposing increasingly string regulation requirements on agrochemical products, and people are attaching more attention to the safety of agricultural products. A series of challenges, coupled with the wide application of new digital technologies in product development, have driven the global research and development of agrochemical formulations and application technologies to evolve rapidly in the direction of “being green, environment-friendly, efficient and convenient”.

In China, influenced by the policy of requiring negative growth in pesticide and fertilizer use, environment-friendly formulation products, advanced application technologies and efficient application equipment have received high attention and recognition, and in particular, UAV crop protection are developing rapidly. As the world's largest producer and exporter of agrochemical products and the third largest consumer market of agrochemical products, China has huge market demand for the development of environment-friendly and efficient formulations and application technologies that can reduce application and increase efficiency. They are also the research and development and promotion aspects highlighted by Chinese industry players.

In such a context, AgroPages is going to organize its 2019 Ag Formulation and Application Technology Congress (2019 FAT) in the coming November 14-15th in Hangzhou, China.  This congress aims to foster innovation and development in agrochemical formulation and application technology around the world and provide a business exchange and collaboration platform for key stakeholders.

Industry friends worldwide will have chance to

-    Listen to the insights and in-depth analysis of formulation and application technologies from senior levels experts
-    Understand the policy and development of formulation, adjuvant and application technologies
-    Learn how intelligent and digital technologies accelerate the innovation of technology
-    Discover China’s demand for innovation technologies to seek new business opportunities
-    Find the right partner of your products, technologies and services

Key Topics for Discussion:

♦ Market changes and trends

-    Global agrichemical market trend, future formulation development & application optimization using mixtures design, adjuvants, drones, and agbots
-    Analysis of the latest development of pesticide formulation technology in China
-    Analysis of global agricultural adjuvant market dynamics and trends
-    New challenges and  potential solution of agchem formualtion development in Brazil
♦  New concept of advanced technology development and application practices

-    Development and design ideas of innovation formulations
-    Challenges & countermeasures of the development of innovation fungicide formulations
-    Analysis on change, challenge and application practice of seed treatment formulation technology
-    Challenges and countermeasures for compounding or mixing of chemical pesticides and biological pesticides
-    Latest development and application practice of nanotechnology-based crop protection products
-    Latest development and analysis on controlled release pesticide formulations| microencapsulation technology
-    New dynamics and trends for tank mix adjuvants
-    Analysis on the development and future trend of environment-friendly formulations such as SC, WG, EW, etc.
-    Breakthroughs in pesticide delivery system and cases study
-    Formulation custom solution and service

♦  UAV crop protection

-    The latest development dynamics, challenges and opportunities of UAV crop protection around the world
-    Review on Spray Application by Drones/UAV and Tank Mix Adjuvants
-    The application of industry leading Drift Reduction Technology in UAV crop protection
-    Research challenges, solutions and application practice of special formulations|adjuvants for UAV plant protection

Topics include but are not limited to the ones above. You are welcome to share more topics with us.

If you would like to be a speaker to contribute your knowledge, please submit your abstract for a 30-45 minutes presentation to Grace Yuan via Email:

Who will attend

-    Pesticide formulation manufacturers and distributors;
-    Pesticide adjuvant manufacturers and distributors;
-    Pesticide formulation and adjuvant R&D institutions;
-    Pesticide formulation and adjuvant processing and equipment enterprises;
-    Pesticide spraying equipment suppliers, drone manufacturers and UAV plant Protection service organizations, etc.
-    Consulting companies from different countries;
-    CROs.

How to attend

- Visitors are welcome to deliver a speech;
- Book a booth to conduct in-depth conversations with potential partners;
- Sponsor the summit to raise your brand awareness.


- Registration fee is USD 450/person, and early bird registration fee is USD 398/person (Before 15th Oct. 2019)
(The fee includes conference, catering, materials, simultaneous interpretation fees).

Congress language

- English and Chinese, we will arrange simultaneous interpretation during the whole course of the congress.


Grace Yuan | AGROPAGES
Email: grace@agropages.com;agropages@vip.163.com
Tel:+86 15505713266
Wechat: nanagrace2014; 86 15505713266

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