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Sinochem Group releases fenaminstrobin-based seed treatment agent for first time in Chinaqrcode

Aug. 2, 2019

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Aug. 2, 2019
Since 2000, wheat seed treatment agents have developed rapidly in China. In the past, agents that were registered and released to the market were mostly based on the active ingredients, silthiopham, difenoconazole, fludioxonil and thiamethoxam. 
To further improve the control of soil-borne insect pests, pesticide manufacturers released binary and ternary insecticidal and fungicidal mixtures. However, these mixtures are mostly made from conventional insecticidal and fungicidal compounds lacking seed treatment agents for improving plant health. 
Fenaminstrobin, Sinochem Group’s patented strobilurin fungicidal compound, which prevents diseases and maintains plant health, was used to develop the product, Tengshou, by mixing it with triazole fungicide difenoconazole and neonicotinoid insecticide thiamethoxam. The product is a fenaminstrobin.difenoconazole.thiamethoxam 45% suspension concentrate for dressing seeds, featuring systemic activity and plant health function. It also supports roots and the growth of seeds, while effectively controlling wheat aphids and sheath blight.  
Tengshou, a fungicide created by Sinochem Group, is the first fenaminstrobin-based seed treatment agent. It is also China’s ternary wheat seed treatment agent with the highest thiamethoxam content, with distinctive advantages over other wheat seed treatment agents available in the market, such as its compound patent and film-forming patent features, as well as its ternary mixture patent advantages. 
Tengshou is effective in controlling both diseases and insect pests, with a broad fungicidal and insecticidal spectrum. It is also effective in preventing and controlling rhizoctonia-caused sheath blight, basidiomycete naked smut-caused loose kernel smut, and soil insects and aphids, such as seedling aphids and ear aphids. The product’s patented formula encourages root growth in wheat, as well as stronger seeds and greener leaves. It also promotes tillering, increases yield, enhances plant health and increases crop stress resistance.
The seed treatment agent, Tengshou, which was developed by Sinochem Group after an eight-year effort, is a breakthrough in the technique of film-forming. The product can solve practical problems facing farmers, and is recognized as one product with multiple effects, which saves both labor and time, archives double output with half input, and is environment-friendly.
Source: AgroNews

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