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Interview with João Giraldi: Adama invests in completing product portfolio to meet Brazilian farmers’ needqrcode

Mar. 18, 2019

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Mar. 18, 2019
By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages
AgroPages exclusively interviewed João Giraldi, Portfolio Manager and head of Market Development for Adama in Brazil. He talks about the major solutions his company offers for Brazilian agriculture, new products being prepared for launches and plans for expansion of Adama in the upcoming years in Brazil.
Could you please talk about the fungicide Cronnos, one of the main solutions offered by Adama for Brazilian agriculture, mainly within a context of resistance management?
Cronnos (picoxystrobin + tebuconazole + mancozeb) is a new product that brings a new technology to our market: T.O.V., which combines Formulation Technology, simplified operation and value-added - which guarantees productivity for farmers. Cronos is a complete solution, a product that brings high performance to the control of rust and stains, and which also comes with protective fungicide within the formulation.
All this is in a single application, simplifying the process. It has a ready-made, liquid formulation that facilitates the life of the producer at the time of use, ensuring no nozzle clogging [applicators] and without causing problems for filters in the equipment.
But a solution does not meet all the needs. What can you say about Adama's portfolio?
We do not work with just one product. We understand that the producer needs a complete portfolio. Today, the company's main product in this segment of herbicides is Poquer (clethodim), a product for the control of grass in desiccation. This product can be used again in the post-emergence. The same goal has the pre-emergent line, with Premerlin (trifluralin) and Vezir (imazethapyr), which are two products of a broad spectrum. They control both wide leaf and narrow leaf.
For control of caterpillars we have the Voracious (methomyl, novaluron), a product that comes with high performance in the control of Spodoptera frugiperda, which today is a big problem for producers. For the management of bedbugs we offer Galil (Bifenthrin, imidacloprid),  one of the main products in the market for the handling of bedbugs, which already has a history of some years, showing high performance with great results.
The agrochemicals market in Brazil has changed a lot in recent years, and now Adama is promoting a series of changes. Some people from the Brazil team went to the United States, and others were relocated here in the country. What are the goals of these changes? And what are Adama's plans for Brazil?
Adama is a company that has grown a lot in recent years. We understand that the growth of the company reflects investments, so when you have a company that grows for two or three years, you also need to expand your team, expand your structure, and expand your conditions to meet the needs of farmer. So that is the main goal of the company, to maintain investment in people and to continue growing as a company, working to be closer to the producer.
The more people you have in the field, the greater your opportunity to be close to that producer. So we have investments in the area of market development, in the commercial area, in the research area, and in marketing. Looking at the reality of the producer, we have investments in complementary areas. In chemistry, we have a whole line of biostimulants and nutrition, precisely to be closer to the producer and complement the need of the producer. The great goal of Adama, at the end of the day, is to be a company that remains close to the client.  We have great clarity in understanding that our client is the farmer, so we have to be closer to the farmer and be a company of choice for that farmer to do business.

Within this growth idea, does Adama plan to introduce more product launches?
Absolutely. Today we have in our project bank large pre-launch products. We will have new insecticides for caterpillar management, new insecticides for bedbug management, new pre-emergent herbicides for desiccation, post-emergent herbicides and new fungicides.
Adama's research does not stop. Today we have Cronnos, which is the best fungicide on the market. We understand that it can be a great solution and a great revolution in this market. But it will not be alone. We already have new products under development that we will be rolling out in the next two, three, five and ten years. Adama will continue to grow in the market, growing stronger and closer to its customers.
Source: AgroNews

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