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Working together to create and conquer the future - Sega Science and Technology moving forward in plant nutritionqrcode

Feb. 20, 2019

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Feb. 20, 2019

Working together to create and conquer the future - Sega Science and Technology moving forward in plant nutrition

“In 2018, our company smoothly transformed itself into a plant nutrition-based and green pesticide-oriented pesticide manufacturer. In 2019, we are prepared to continue our green pesticide and environmentally-friendly initiative, and will move forward towards clean production processes step by step, in combination with our practical production facilities. We will endeavor to develop our product and will produce environmentally-friendly, safe and efficient pesticide formulations,” declared Hu Jianfeng, Board Chairman of Sega Science and Technology, in an interview with AGROPAGES. Additionally, Board Chairman Hu expressed, via AGROPAGES, his sincere thanks to clients, partners in cooperation and all employees hoping to work together to make new creations and conquer  the future in 2019.

Successful transformation from development of conventional pesticides to plant nutrition
In 2018, the Chinese pesticide industry wandered off and fluctuated for various reasons. However, Sega Science and Technology concentrated on product development, to improve and create value for its clients. In 2018, the company responded positively to China’s national environmental policies and  made an important adjustment to its product structure,  in which the main business of the company was changed from production of conventional pesticides to plant nutrition-based and green pesticide-oriented product development. At present, Sega Science and Technology possesses ten plant growth regulator registrations, enabling the company to become one of the Chinese companies holding the largest number of such registrations. Moreover, the company also had the honor to participate in the preparation and drafting of four brassin-oriented national industry standards, as its brassinolide technical was granted the “Made in Zhejiang Accreditation.”
Construction of the company’s new workshop, located within the Moganshan High-Tech Industrial Park, Huzhou, Zhejiang, started in April 2018, built in a land area of twenty five Mu(approximately 1.67 hectare). The project is designed in a highly automated manner, to be installed with advanced equipment. Upon completion, the production facility will be able to produce 12,000 tons of biopesticides and biological nutrients annually, which will generate sales income of 650 million Yuan, inclusive of tax, profits of 85 million Yuan. 

Science and technology-based green agriculture

Sega Science and Technology is currently increasing its investment in product incubation to support the new agricultural development. The company will continue introducing advanced equipment into its GLP lab and recruit more professionals to facilitate technical innovation and technical progressing in formulation development. At the same time, the company is also applying standardized production processes. Through these efforts, Sega Science and Technology wishes to contribute to the harmonious development of high yield farming and environmental protection.
Integrity, professionalism and innovation
Sega Science and Technology is committed to integrity-based business operations in reaching its goals. As regards production, the company will fulfill both quality and quantity requirements; in respect to cooperation, the company will act in good faith; for business development, the company will make practical and steady progress. 
Product is a survival essential of a business entity. Sega Science and Technology is dedicated to market-driven product development, focusing its strength on crop protection services. The company devotes itself to technical research and manufacturing quality products,  to provide clients with superior products and practical techniques, which will solve farmer’s plantation problems and ensure increases in yield and quality.

Sega Science and Technology stresses the quality of its products and efficacy of applications, having conducted large numbers of experiments and trials before the release of products to the market. The technical personnel of the company would go through each step of experiments to observe, take notes and summarize product application data throughout the crop growing period. In 2019, the company is going to present clients with more experiments and demonstrations, so clients will understand the company’s core values of “integrity, innovation and professionalism”, and the firm determination of the company to supply quality and practical products to clients.

Committed to all-round market and providing comprehensive services

With the growing maturity of production processes,  single agent products are becoming less  differentiated. Conventional single agent sale and promotions have nowadays fallen behind trends in development. Therefore, all-round market development has become the pesticide formulation manufacturer’s mainstream business strategy. In 2019, Sega Science and Technology is prepared to launch new products, including the soil conditioner (Arbuscular Mycorrhiza), imported water-soluble fertilizer and plant-based amino acid regulators, which are incorporated in the existing product portfolio of the company, thus forming a complete “soil conditioning and plant nutrition regulation-integrated comprehensive pest control program”, which will be provided in a professional manner to users to meet the overall development needs of crop protection.

China’s farming consumer market has a most distinctive feature, which lies on the decentralized distribution of farmers and crops. The status of decentralization has existed for a long time, leading to the difficult business situation of pesticide formulation manufacturers. To break through the tradition of decentralization, Sega Science and Technology has worked hard to change the conventional sales model and has moved towards a specialist service pattern which aims at providing farmers with more professional and comprehensive technical service in more depth – crop solutions. In 2019, Sega Science and Technology will continue its effort on comprehensive product positioning to provide intensive total crop protection solutions and packages covering various crops. It is envisaged that the business operation of the company will be undertaken in such a manner that development of product lines are based on crop health and solution packages that are headed by premium pesticides. Meanwhile, close attention will be paid to farmer’s crop growth and industry chain development. In this way, the company will be able to fulfill the needs of farmers to increase yield and quality by helping them solve problems arising from crop production via proper product combinations, which will ensure increases in crop yield and quality. 
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