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Dec. 25, 2018

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Dec. 25, 2018
The AgroPages Awards are set up to discover excellent overseas products for the Chinese market. With this event, we as the organizer is aiming to provide opportunities for those companies that target Chinese market, to present their products to the Chinese distributors and growers. 
This year, top 10 biopesticides, biostimulants and novel fertilizers with incomparable market potential in China will win the accolade. Over 90 products have been shortlisted for the Awards. They are from 38 companies, 16 countries including Spain, Italy, Canada and the Netherlands etc.
Here is the overview for the products:
1. Biopesticides
27 biopesticides from 14 companies are in the shortlist. Those products include bioinsecticides, biofungicides, bionematicides and bioviricides. Their active ingredients and target pests are illustrated below.
Bionematicides: burkholderia spp., thyme oil, citric acid, plant-derived oil etc.
Biofungicides: trichoderma asperellum, mimosa and quercus extract, Reynoutria sachalinensis extract, Geobacillus sp., Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and trichoderma harzianum etc., which can be applied to control powdery mildew, downy mildew, late blight, Fusarium blight, fire blight, Damping off etc.
Bioinsecticides: serratia marcescens, bacillus thuringiensis, brevibacillus laterosporus, metarhizium anisopliae, beauveria bassiana, orange oil, chromobacterium subtsugae etc., to suppress brown planthopper, aphid, asian citrus psyllid, whitefly, spotted wing drosophila, mealybug, fall armyworm, corn earworm, soybean looper, thrip, oryctes rhinoceros etc.
Bioviricides: curcumin, to control pepper leaf curl, pepper mosaic virus, tobacco mosaic virus, cucumber mosaic virus and tomato leaf curl.
Companies involved in the competition for the Top 10 biopesticides
2. Biostimulants
There are 38 biostimulant products in total are shortlisted for the awards. These products are from 21 companies, with various active ingredients such as humic acid, amino acids, alginic acid and harpin αβ etc. They are generally the key biostimulant products from their manufacturing enterprise, such as Biolchim’s FULVUMIN and Valagro’s MC CREAM. Some products haven’t launched in Chinese market, among which ProAct (harpin αβ) from Plant Health Care was recently awarded by Agrow as “Best New Biological Product (Biostimulant). Such product has huge marketing potential in China.
Companies involved in the competition for the Top 10 biostimulants
3. Novel fertilizer
“Top 10 novel fertilizers” will be awarded from 27 products, including biofertilizers, controlled-release fertilizers and water-soluble chelate fertilizers. Compared to traditional products, these novel fertilizers provide high use efficiency and are environmentally friendly. For example, IsliFe 8.2 launched by Tradecorp earlier this year, is the first completely biodegradable iron chelate with high stability and high persistence. It is able to prevent iron deficiencies even in the most unfavorable conditions (e.g. calcareous and alkaline soils). IsliFe 8.2 has not yet entered China’s market, while Chinese sellers and growers can get to know the product through voting system (see below).
Companies involved in the competition for the Top 10 novel fertilizers

All the shortlisted products are presented on the voting system which is now open to the public. Click the picture below to vote for your favorite products (in Chinese only).

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