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Fertinagro’s Topiron and eight more biostimulants/fertilizers are shortlisted for AgroPages Awardsqrcode

Dec. 3, 2018

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Dec. 3, 2018
AgroPages Awards will be granted to Products with Incomparable Market Potential in China. This year, the top 10 overseas biopesticides, biostimulants and novel fertilizers will win the accolade. Numbers of companies with interests in China’s markets have recommended their products to us, among which include the Spanish company Fertinagro, with their biostimulant Topiron and other eight products. These products are shortlisted for the Awards.
Fertinagro is Spain’s leading fertilizer manufacturer and it has international subsidiaries and operates in more than 80 countries. Fertinagro is aiming to offer a comprehensive catalogue of fertilizers with guaranteed quality and traceability. The company is also investing in development of new fertilizers and production processes, in order to provide growers with innovative, reliable and profitable farming solutions.
Topiron is Fertinagro’s biostimulant product, based on water–soluble iron and iron complexed with humic substances, which is recommended for iron chlorosis prevention. The humic substances complexation capacity is highly improved with a new manufacturing process and a strong selection of natural row materials (not any humic substances source can be used to produce this product). The active ingredients in Topiron promote the enzyme Fe3+ reductase, reducing Fe (III) and thus avoiding iron chlorosis. As the iron chlorosis nutritional disorder is induced mainly by soil proprieties, Topiron presents a complete remediation approach where (i) the soil proprieties are improved by increasing its cation exchange capacity, stimulating its biological life and trying to reduce the impact of its high lime content by protecting Fe and solubilizing Fe already present in the soil, and (ii) the root growth is simulated in order to give the plant more ability to reach nutrients in the soil.

Topiron also improves the levels of plant in Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium, Copper, Manganese and Zinc. In addition, the product prevents the crop damage from salinity by decreasing sodium content. Topiron is even able to function in most extreme conditions. It is highly stable and can be absorbed by plants in a wide soil pH range (3-12) ensuring to the plant more Fe availability, and is even used in many greenhouse cultivated crop in order to get better fruit quality. This granule dispersible biostimulant provides great ease and handling of the product. 
Besides Topiron, Fertinagro participates in AgroPages Awards with other biostimulants and novel fertilizers, including Viventia, Renovation Fuerza Maxima, Biofuerza 212, Organia Revitasoil Plus, Efisoil Superbia, Efisoil Renovation, Dormia, Aminovit Vigorion. Field trials conducted in Spain has proved their efficacy in facilitating plant growth.

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