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COMPO(CHINA) holds marketing strategy releasing conference in Guizhou, Chinaqrcode

Nov. 28, 2018

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Nov. 28, 2018
On November 26, COMPO(CHINA) marketing strategy releasing conference was held in Weng'an , Guizhou. The company said that COMPO (CHINA) launched specialty fertilizer products in Weng'an, which is with milestone significance to promote the efficiency and ecological development of Chinese agriculture. 

Andreas Roedlmeier, Head of International Export
Andreas Roedlmeier,Head of International Export stressed that COMPO (GmbH) has achieved a comprehensive upgrade of the new generation of fertilizer efficiency enhancement technology,covering a package of efficiency enhancement programs including nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer and compound fertilizer, and conducted a large number of trials in China, Germany, the United States, Israel, Thailand and other countries. The experimental results show that the new generation of synergistic technology can increase nitrogen fertilizer utilization rate by an average of 13 points and phosphorus fertilizer utilization rate by more than 25 points.

Dr. Yin lu from the Synergie(GmbH) research institute
What is the advantage of specialty fertilizer products of "Deltachem" brand series ? Dr. Yin lu from the Synergie(GmbH) research institute made a detailed explanation. According to the introduction, DMPP long-term effect technology can effectively inhibit nitrification reaction, so that nitrogen fertilizer in the soil can be more stable.Nitrogen fertilizer period can be extended to 60 days, and the utilization rate of nitrogen can be increased by about 50%. Nutrient aggregation technology helps gather nutrients around the root system, preventing against nutrient loss. Slow down the fluidity of nutrients in fertilizers and allow nutrients to fully infiltrate plant roots. Nutrient transfer technology maintains the spatial distribution uniformity of soil moisture and nutrients in the soil surface,avoiding the consequences of burning roots and seedlings due to excessive local nutrient concentration, so that nutrients can be better absorbed by plants. NPI nitrogen and phosphorus synergistic technology help improve nitrogen and phosphorus activity and achieve nitrogen and phosphorus synergistic effect.

Meng fanpei, brand director of COMPO(CHINA)

Meng fanpei, brand director of COMPO(CHINA), introduced that current "Deltachem" brand has innovative product line including stable compound fertilizer, fully oated controlled release fertilizer, stable water-soluble fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, trace element, bio stimulant etc. Mrs Meng pointed out that the compound fertilizer product line with core technical advantages and large market capacity and some high-end foliar fertilizer, liquid fertilizer and medium and micro elements are only the first batch of products launched by COMPO(CHINA). The second batch will also launch full-coated controlled release fertilizer, silicon-based medium and micro elements fertilizer and other high-end new products.
In the following signing ceremony,COMPO(CHINA)placed an order of 700 million yuan at the marketing strategy launching conference.
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