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Exclusive interview: João Gabriel Mancine speaks on benefits of Matrine acaricide on its launch by Arystaqrcode

Oct. 22, 2018

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Oct. 22, 2018

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages

João Gabriel Mancine
Marketing Coordinator of Fruits and Vegetables of Arysta LifeScience
João Gabriel Mancine, Marketing Coordinator of Fruits and Vegetables of Arysta LifeScience, gave an exclusive interview to AgroPages on the launch of Matrine® acaricide (oxymatrine). It was presented during the 26th Coffee Seminar, which took place in the municipality of Patrocínio, in Minas Gerais, at the beginning of October.
How important is acaricide management in the growing of coffee?
The importance of proper management with acaricide is to avoid loss of productivity in coffee trees. The main recommendation is to use management practices that guarantee the permanence of the predatory mites and other natural enemies of the red mite in the coffee plantations. Several species of predatory mites, which carry out the natural biological control keeping the population of the red mite under normal climate conditions and crop management, can be found in the leaves of the coffee tree. Under severe crop attack due to the imbalance in conditions of natural enemies and if there is no rainfall forecast, it is recommended to make applications with specific acaricides or mixture insecticides-acaricides, duly registered for the crop and recommended by professionals of the area. Preferred products should be given to natural enemies.
What damage has red mite caused in Brazil?
The red mite can cause large fronds, reducing the active photosynthetic leaf area, impacting the vegetative development of new areas that are being formed or compromising the productivity of adult plants. The attacked leaves are small in size and may even fall. Thus part of the energy of the plant, necessary for production and filling of the grains is diverted to replenish foliar, and the consequence of this is a decrease in productivity for the next harvest.
What are the benefits and the differential of Matrine?
There are several benefits, among them we can highlight its active ingredient that is unique in the market, based on a botanical extract, which contributes to an excellent control to the red mite, one of the main pests of the coffee.
It is a product of plant origin, and besides being excellent for pest control, it focuses on waste management, which is in line with Arysta LifeScience's focus on improving food production in the country in a more sustainable way and safe.
How do you characterize the mode of action of the product? What can you say about its effectiveness?
Matrine acts by contact and ingestion in the control of red mites. It is a new product recommended in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and in the rotation of products to avoid possible resistance.
What results can be expected?
With the use of Matrine acaricide, coffee growers can expect an excellent control of the red mite, besides guaranteeing food, environmental and human safety because it is a product with zero residues.
Source: AgroNews

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