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Pilarcise to procure large appliance to upgrade testing equipmentqrcode

Oct. 11, 2018

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Oct. 11, 2018
Recently, Pilarcise included nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in its procurement plan for the constant upgrade of equipment to meet clients’ needs of fulfillment of legal requirements at home and abroad. This is another upgrade in Pilarcise’ lab facility, following its overall upgrade in 2017. This will add to a strong capacity to undertake product pilot research, impurity synthesis and composition analysis.
Founded in 2017, Pilarcise is engaged in a chemical testing service providing GLP research, 17,025 testing and on-site quality management services, as well as consultancy on analytical support and quality assurance.
The company has three lab systems – GLP system, CNAS 17025 system and QC system. Its GLP was founded in 2009, having been accredited to the quality system of Belgium and the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. CNAS 17025 was founded in 2008 and the QC system could even be traced back to 1997. For years, a variety of quality systems were being constantly updated to meet the increasingly stringent legal requirements, its issued lab testing reports are well recognized and accepted by a large number of registration authorities at home and abroad. 
Hardware Capacity
In 2017, the company conducted an overall upgrade of lab equipment in order to provide better support to clients. In this upgrade, labs are not only equipped with qualitative and quantitative analytical appliances such as TOF, LC-MS, GC-MS, UPLC, HPLC, GC, IC, IR and UV, but are also added with physiochemical testing instruments including TGA, integrated melting point and boiling point apparatus, explosive devices and photolytic devices. 
In 2018, Pilarcise included NMR in its procurement plan for the constant upgrade of equipment to meet clients’ needs of fulfillment of legal requirements at home and abroad, which will add up to a strong capacity to undertake product pilot research, impurity synthesis and composition analysis.

Team Building
As a high-tech testing service, Pilarcise spares no effort to introduce and cultivate the high-level team of the company. The company employs nearly 20 staff, of which six are post-graduates and all others are undergraduates or junior college graduates with rich work experience. The company has three research directors (SD), and each of them is staffed with two researchers. The company encourages employees to go for further education and has also reserved qualified human resources as a backup. The supportive team ensures the progress of the undertaken jobs (inclusive of job of urgency) to meet the timelines of clients, which eliminates the worries of clients that may be put on the waiting list.
The corporate culture of Pilarcise shows special care toward employees over both their work and lives. Here, what is done by employees is not just a job, but is more for the common good of all. Each working group is devoted to work and is leading team members to go all out to ensure the smooth completion of each job, making it worthy of the trust of clients.
All-round training activities are conducted to help achieve maximized improvement to the job skill and work efficiency of staff. The company organizes lectures delivered by foreign specialists, presentations given by domestic registration authorities and advice provided by examination experts, all of which facilitate building up the business strength of the QA team of the company. The vendor’s on-site training, regular specific discipline-oriented training and technical workshops build the team’s professional competence. Clients' warm-hearted feedback and registration experts’ painstaking interpretation build a solid foundation for satisfactory customer service. 

Expert Team
Registration service: Pilarcise is affiliated to the Pilarquim Group that is based in the international market with trade activities extending to the countries of Central America, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa. The expert team comprises some 20 people from Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, Myanmar and Kampuchea, who are able to provide marketing and registration services in an accurate and speedy manner. In addition, the labs of the company could hire senior experts with over 30 years of practical registration experience to provide top-level registration services.
Technical service: The senior management staff at the national research level is constantly providing the work team with the necessary techniques, resources and information to ensure the knowledge of the team is always up-to-date, thus, fulfilling clients' high-level requirements on the issues of product chemistry, product specification and impurity supply. To expedite the services of the work team, collaborations have been established with universities and pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad in provision of efficient services and support.

QA service: Whether it is a GLP system, a CNAS 17025 system or an ISO 9001 system, the QA initiating team is diligently working with good understanding of the essence of new regulations, which enables them to take good care of each step of quality management. With a 10-year accumulation in quality management, the company could help clients maintain a legal compliance in all of the business conduct.

Development Plan
Short term: To extend the GLP test to cover residue detection, quality test and ambient temperature storing, to apply for CMA quality coverage and expand the scope of 17025 to include new products and formulations.  
Mid term: To speed up the establishment of a product chemistry pre-research center, which will be able to provide product specification and product chemistry-related services.
Long term: To prepare for the establishment of a platform-integrating registration service, QA service and testing service.
Ultimate Goal
To provide clients with a one-stop comprehensive, speedy, satisfactory and cost-saving service package with a relaxed and enjoyable experience. 
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