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Plant Health Care launches new seed treatment product for corn in the U.S.qrcode

Sep. 14, 2018

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Plant Health Care announced the launch of a Harpin αβ product for seed treatment applications to field corn.

Harpin αβ has been launched as a seed treatment product for field corn in the U.S. and will be marketed and sold as a mixture product by a leading supplier to the U.S. corn grower.
Harpin αβ works by triggering the corn plant’s own self-defense systems, in a manner similar to vaccinations in humans. The plant responds with improved vigor, healthy growth, heightened defense response and, ultimately, increased yield. Results from 2016-2017 field trials provided over a 5 bushel per acre average yield increase.  Being a biological product, Harpin αβ has a very favorable human and environmental safety profile.
Chris Richards, Executive Chairman and Interim CEO of Plant Health Care says: “This is an excellent opportunity for Plant Health Care to gain access to the 90 million acre U.S. corn market with an outstanding partner and we look forward to continued product developments in this space. This is the first of a number of product launches we expect to announce in the next 12-18 months.”

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