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BASF’s first strobilurins wheat seed treatment product launched for Chinese marketqrcode

Aug. 1, 2018

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Aug. 1, 2018
On the 20th July 2018, a new product from  BASF, the wheat seed coating agent Heyue(禾跃®), was launched in Jinan, Shandong, China, which is a new product developed by  BASF.

Disease at seedling stage causes serious damages
Wheat is one of the 3 major food grains, and one the most important food rations in China. Its seedling stage is a critical period in the growth of wheat, which directly affects or even decides the seedling number and tiller number. Healthy and robust wheat seedlings are helpful required for survival during the winter, along with the greening and elongation of the stem, thus ensuring the growth and yield of wheat.
The wheat seedling stage is confronted by 4 threats: rough weather, soil-borne disease, seed-borne disease and soil insect damage, which leads to sick seedlings, weak seedlings, dead seedlings, and reductions in yields.
Heyue seed coating safeguards wheat seeding 
Heyue is BASF’s first wheat seed coating agent containing strobilurins fungicide, being a triticonazole and pyraclostrobin mixture. It has the function of encouraging plant health, and seedlings applied with Heyue have an increasingly developed root system and strong stems. 
Triticonazole has a positive effect on the prevention and control of soil-borne and seed-borne diseases, such as loose smut on wheat, while being safe for seeds and seedlings.
Pyraclostrobin can prevent and control various fungi, and has the ability to improve the overall health of plants (facilitation of seedling to resist low temperatures and drought, control of loose smut of wheat and enhancement of tillering to pave the way for increases in yields). It also increases activity and enhances root growth, which helps to effectively resist stress. 
The launch of Heyue assures more complete BASF wheat solutions, and will help wheat growers control crop diseases and improve quality, while increasing yields and earnings. 
Source: AgroNews

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