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BRANDT foliar nutrients help grower win Brazil national soybean yield challengeqrcode

Jul. 26, 2018

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Brandt do Brasil
BRANDT’s proprietary foliar nutrients have helped another grower win a soybean yield challenge.
Brazilian grower, Estanislau Bassan, has won Brazil’s National Soybean Productivity Challenge in the non-irrigated category using BRANDT foliar products. Bassan won the challenge in the state of Paraná and produced 86 bu/ac (5808 kg/ha) despite a 30 day drought in this region and no irrigation. Before this, BRANDT products were used on Randy Dowdy’s crops in a soybean yield competition that set a new world record for soybean yield with 171 bu/ac.
Both growers used BRANDT Smart System® and Manni-Plex® foliar micronutrients in these contests. The proprietary nutrients help maximize plant nutrient uptake and mobility for optimal crop response. Bassan cited BRANDT nutrients as one of the key factors that increased yield. “The impact [of BRANDT nutrients] was huge,” said Bassan “I could see that they significantly enhanced crop productivity. It was very pronounced. Next year I plan to use BRANDT foliar nutrients on more than 50% of my field and have a goal of producing 110 bu/ac or more.” 
“Congratulations to Mr. Bassan on this outstanding accomplishment,” said Rick Brandt, BRANDT President and CEO. “I am very proud of the nutrient technologies we’ve developed and thrilled to see growers around the world experiencing the benefits of these products first hand. Seeing them win yield contests using our products speaks volumes as to what these products can do to advance global agriculture production.”

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