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Nufarm launches fungicide Volna in Brazilqrcode

Jul. 2, 2018

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By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for AgroPages
Nufarm announced this month, the launch of the new fungicide, Volna, which uses difenoconazole as its active ingredient. 
The ingredient belongs to the chemical group, triazole, and is registered under No. 39271 at Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. 
According to agronomist Carulina Oliveira, Manager of Fungicides and Adjuvants at Nufarm, the product utilises systemic action and is preventive and promotes healing through the formulation, emulsifiable concentrate. The Volna package explains that it inhibits ergosterol biosynthesis, a key substance in maintaining the integrity of fungal cell membrane.
When used on soybeans, the fungicide controls the Citrus Leaf Spot (Colletotrichum dematium), the purple seed stain disease (Cercospora kikuchii), the powdery mildew (Microsphaera diffusa), and Phomopsis sojae. The product is also recommended for use against diverse fungal diseases in many crops, such as rice, kidney beans, citrus, several fruits and vegetables.
Oliveira said that Volna will make Nufarm more competitive in providing treatment programs for Brazilian farmers. The product was presented by Nufarm during the Agricultural State Fair (Agroshow), which was organized by the Paragominense Agricultural Cooperative (Coopernorte). During the event, the company presented its latest products for corn and soybean crops and announced four other product launches.


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