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Tundra launches glyphosate-based product Gliforte in Brazilqrcode

May. 21, 2018

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Tundra Agroindustrial LTDA

Tundra launches glyphosate-based product Gliforte in Brazil

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages
Tundra Agroindustrial announced the launch of Gliforte, the first product based on glyphosate in a water soluble powder form in the Brazilian market. According to the maker, the product presents several technical advantages. One of the major differentials is that the pack provides information on the precise amount of powder that should be used according to the stage of weeds in annual, perennial and semi-perennial crops.
“The two existing products in the market mention a wide range for the dose to be used by the producer. Therefore, to prevent risk to the crop area, the farmer tends to use a dose that is close to the limit mentioned by other makers. This causes a huge loss and increases the indexes of contamination in the soil, which occurs with the exaggerated use of agrochemicals,” explained Thomas Unger, director of Tundra Agroindustrial.
The precise technique for the product was developed after five years of serious studies, enhancement of laboratory studies and practical agricultural tests. “After a strong effort, we arrived at the precise dose indexes. We already took the product to more than 50 places in the states of Paraná, São Paulo, Mato Grosso and Goiás to demonstrate to farmers that following the instructions on the pack will give the expected results,” the director remarked.
Higher effectiveness and low quantities of the product reduce the possibility of soil contamination and residue on the planted crops, he stated. “Therefore, the herbicide used in the powder has an advantage for the rural producer, for the environment and the society in general. Everybody wins when we reduce the risks,” he stressed.
According to Unger, the laboratory experiments have shown statistically that the glyphosate powder is capable of reducing up to 30% of the environmental contamination, thanks to the Gliforte ingredients. The director also explained that Gliforte is the only herbicide based on glyphosate, where the chemical ingredient is present in the form of acid and not salt, as seen in all other herbicides. He emphasized that it reduced the production costs. 
“Other makers need to reduce the salt while composing the herbicide to make it effective, as in Gliforte, where the acid glyphosate is transformed into a soluble salt through water contact in the application tank,” he said. 
The director highlighted that Gliforte did not produce spume, a typical complaint made by farmers, compared to granulated herbicides. “We simplified the preparation, lowered the cost, reduced the dose and eliminated the problem of farmers,” he concluded.

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