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Syngenta launches AgriClime platform to forecast climate variations in Brazilqrcode

Mar. 29, 2018

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Syngenta has included in its Integrare package - a combination of the portfolio to create specific solutions for soybean, corn, and sugarcane growers - the AgriClime platform. 
Through digital monitoring tools, it is based on the historical average of rains in a certain region during the most sensitive moment for a crop. In case precipitation fails and does not reach the desired level, the farmer receives the invested money back at the end of the period.
The data used by AgriClime comes from Climate Hazards Group InfraRed Precipitation, with Station Data (CHIRPS) created by the University of California in Santa Barbara. It is a set of precise climate information that has been collected for over 35 years after monitoring meteorological states and satellite images in high resolution. In a country, where according to the researchers of this university, the extremes will accentuate - that is, where it rains it will rain more and where there is drought, it will be drier - such precision will be even more necessary.
“Few activities are so impacted by climate change as agriculture is. This is felt in all crops and, as it is a movement that will intensify in the coming year, we will have the responsibility, similar to that of the company, in creating mechanisms for producers, at the same time ensuring they keep investing in technology to obtain growing productive levels, can mitigate risks and have more sustainability in their crops,” assessed Integrated Supply Leader at Syngenta Leandro Santos.

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