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Price and supply: China’s environmental press continues, selling season begins in Aprilqrcode

Mar. 29, 2018

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Mar. 29, 2018
Following the AC Shanghai early this month, China’s production rate has, in general, increased as expected. 
However, production within industrial parks in Lianyungang has appeared to be low, which is unexpected, where pressure from environmental and safe compliance requirements continue. 
Additionally, a shutdown of chemical production activities is expected during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit (SCO), which has caused a price rise in some product varieties.
The price rise of pesticide technical in the early stages has boosted the price of end-products, but it takes some time for the terminal market to accept the boosted price, resulting in the formation of a watch-and-wait market. The stocks of China’s formulations producers have been almost used up in March; replenishment of technical materials is required for production in the later stages. 
For the sake of various reasons, market changes are expected at a later date. Formulations producers cannot wait for further market regulations and have to increase stocks. Some products have appeared in short supply, and there has been a tendency of serious polarization in pesticide technical and intermediates. 
The top three herbicide products with the highest price hikes this month include mesotrione technical, oxadiazon technical and clomazone technical, while the top three with a drop in prices include pretilachlor technical, propisochlor technical and haloxyfop-R-methyl technical.
The top three insecticide products with the highest price hikes this month include bifenthrin technical, hexaflumuron technical and buprofezin technical, while the top three with a drop in prices include acetamiprid technical, imidacloprid technical and pymetrozine technical.
The top three fungicide products with the highest price hikes this month include prochloraz technical, epoxiconazole technical and fluazinam technical, while the top three with a drop in prices include propiconazole technical, pyraclostrobin technical and azoxystrobin technical.
Environmental and safety compliance inspection and supervision will not end with the close of the heat supply season. The ex-works prices of pesticide technical and intermediates are expected to remain on the higher side. The stocks procured at lower prices in the early stages are being digested, and market prices will be decided by the level of stocks. Moving into April, which is an agrochemical selling season, new de-stocking begins.

This summer, AgroPages will invite officers and analysts from ICAMA/CCPIA to give speeches on industry insights at the 2018 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW), which will be held in Hangzhou, China. The attendees will receive important information about the Chinese agrochemical industry, which is critical for pesticide procurement.

Topic 1: The interpretation of the latest adjustments to the regulations of Chinese agrochemical export and export data analysis.
Speaker: Officer from ICAMA ( Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture)

Topic 2: What is the status of China’s environmental protection policies? How long and how deeply will this affect the whole chemical industry?
Speaker: Officer from CCPIA(China Crop Protection Industry Association)

Topic 3: Analysis of the price trend of agrochemical products in China.
Speaker: Senior analysts from the pesticides industry
More speakers from across the globe, including Ourofino, Caribbean Chemicals & Agencies, Rainbow and leading export companies in China, are being invited to attend the workshop. 

Source: AgroNews

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