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Fuhua Tongda launches new-generation target-oriented adjuvant, with its industrial eco-chain constantly improvingqrcode

Mar. 14, 2018

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Mar. 14, 2018

Fuhua Tongda launches new-generation target-oriented adjuvant, with its industrial eco-chain constantly improving

The Sichuan Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical Technology Limited organized CAC2018 Shanghai, a launching ceremony for new formulations, on March 8, which was followed by the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry Limited for the supply of glyphosate and development of formulations. The product launch and signing were witnessed by representatives of Evonik and Kao Corporation, partners of cooperation of Fuhua Tongda.


▲The signing ceremony of Fuhua and Huaxing
As one of China’s largest pesticide production enterprises, Fuhua Tongda has been active in its move towards becoming a technical service provider and platform-based business development. Its FAST/EMIX formulation series launched this time includes novel, environment-friendly ampholytic surfactants, which have innovatively introduced biological surfactant and polymer into glyphosate and glufosinate formulations. This approach greatly enhances the performance of the above mentioned herbicide products, which may even change the global brand structure of glyphosate and glufosinate formulations.
Zhang Hua, the board chairman of Fuhua Tongda, said during the launch ceremony that the company was prepared to establish a resource allocation and technically leading platform as backed up by its existing data resource and pesticide technical resources. In the years ahead, Fuhua Tongda will continue its cooperation with Evonik, Kao Corporation, Huaxing, and universities to make continuous improvement to the industrial eco-chain of the company. Fuhua Tongda is determined to strengthen research for application purposes and make joint efforts with partners of cooperation to enhance the quality of products and services.
▲Zhang Hua, the board chairman of Fuhua Tongda
Target-guided efficient polymer adjuvant 
During the launch ceremony, there was a press interview with Professor Du Peifeng, the associate dean of the College of Science of China Agricultural University, and Zhang Lei, a research fellow, who are both lead experts in charge of the product research and development. Professor Du’s team, together with researchers from multinationals, used respective resources and technical strength for three years to develop the innovative adjuvant series.

Professor Du told AgroPages that micromolecule surfactant is often used in conventional glyphosate and glufosinate products, such as N-Polyoxyethylated-N-tallow-alkylamine. It is an environmental hormone, causing great harm to the human body and organisms and is prohibited in EU countries. It is vital to seek an adjuvant variety for substitution of N-Polyoxyethylated-N-tallow-alkylamine in order to strengthen the performance of herbicide products. 
The research team of Fuhua Tongda utilized advanced lab facilities and high-throughput screening equipment of multinationals, to screen a series of adjuvant compounds. Meanwhile, an exclusive functional evaluation method created by Professor Du’s team was used to test product properties, which could maximize the test duration and has resulted in the quick completion of some 600 formulation tests. Eventually, mature innovative adjuvants were developed as supported by the validation test conducted nationwide by the research team of Fuhua Tongda.
When the above adjuvant formula is introduced into glyphosate and glufosinate formulations, the following enhanced product properties are achieved:
♦  Spraying droplet size is increased significantly; number of drifted droplets is reduced.
♦  Droplet bounce and splash are reduced, electrostatic interaction between glyphosate and foliage, van der waals between glufosinate and foliar wax coat are enhanced. This ensures adhesion and increases efficacy. 
♦  After spraying, polymeric membrane is formed, reducing volatilization of pesticide and instead enhances permeation, which facilitates a stronger pesticide effect.
The nationwide field trials conducted by the research team of Fuhua Tongda reveal that compared with products currently available in the market, the new glyphosate product has a long-lasting effect, in which case weeds will not be able to turn green to resume growth within 30 days. And surprisingly, weeds treated with new glufosinate product will not resume growth within 30 days even at low temperatures. 
Compared with N-Polyoxyethylated-N-tallow-alkylamine, the new adjuvant series has enhanced performance, while cost and dosage have been reduced. Biological surfactant has been introduced into pesticides, making it safe and environment-friendly. This is of great significance for future orientation of the development of herbicides. 
Using cutting-edge academic concepts as guide, backed up by the technical platform built in cooperation with the world’s agrochemical giants, utilizing precise and efficient technology and methods, and consolidating resources upstream and downstream, Fuhua Tongda is moving hand-in-hand with partners towards a service-oriented “service+product” business mode. 

Mickey Shan report from the scene
Source: AgroNews

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