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Pesticide technical material prices rise as Chinese New Year nearsqrcode

Feb. 14, 2018

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Pesticide technical material prices rise as Chinese New Year nears

Ahead of the imminent Chinese Spring Festival, most of the country's long-distance transport services have come to a stop. Pesticide technical material enterprises are not able to run production at full load due to restrained supply of intermediates, which has led to a high price situation. All formulation enterprises have been endeavoring to push delivery of orders placed earlier, so as to fulfill the production needs in February and March, particularly of the large output herbicide varieties. 
The herbicide market is generally rather slow with prices staying on the high side. Glyphosate technical price, at Yuan 26,000 per ton in the market, dropped slightly but the actual transaction price could be lower. The price of glufosinate technical for export is being quoted at Yuan 195,000 per ton. The supplies, however, appear short and buyers are being very careful while placing orders. 
The high cost issue of the upstream MEA has restricted the supply of amide herbicide. Acetochlor technical is being quoted at Yuan 27,500 per ton, metolachlor technical at Yuan30,000 per ton, propisochlor technical at Yuan 29,500 per ton, pretilachlor technical at Yuan 45,000 per ton, and butachlor technical at Yuan 27,000 per ton.
The production load of nicosulfuron technical has been increased to a certain degree but its supply still remains short. The existence of the gap in the supply side, the issue of higher cost, increased corn planting area, and the dealers' resumed inventory needs have caused difficulties in sourcing nicosulfuron, which is currently being quoted at above Yuan 280,000 per ton.
The intermediate 1.3-cyclohexanedione of mesotrione technical remains high. The supply of benzoic acid has been delayed by the incident in Lianyungang. Technical material vendors are expecting further price escalation and are reluctant to sell. The price currently being quoted is Yuan 180,000 per ton, which is an obvious sign of price rise. 
Atrazine technical is being quoted at a raised price of Yuan 25,000 per ton, attributable to the higher prices of the upstream product cyanuric chloride.
Prices of abamectin and emamectin benzoate technical series still remain on the higher side, while abamectin powder is being quoted at a price of Yuan 750,000 per ton. Emamectin benzoate technical is being quoted at Yuan 1.15 million per ton, which might be lower in actual transactions. 
The price of neonicotinoid insecticide continues to stay high. Imidacloprid technical is being quoted at Yuan 210,000 per ton, acetamiprid technical at Yuan 210,000 per ton at low level of stock, and thiamethoxam at Yuan 140,000 per ton. There are almost no stocks of nitenpyram, which is being quoted at Yuan 300,000 per ton. The price of pymetrozine technical is Yuan 200,000 per ton as of now.
The shortage of supply of ethyl chloride has led to the price rise for organophosphorus products. Chlorpyrifos technical is being quoted at Yuan 49,000 per ton and phoximb at Yuan 45,000 per ton. Profenofos technical is currently at a low level of stock and vendors are not willing to take purchase orders while the price is being quoted at Yuan 61,000 per ton. Malathion technical production is running at a low load while its market price has risen to Yuan 23,000 per ton.
At present, triazole fungicide varieties are still at a low level of stock and production is running at a low load. Vendors appear to be very careful with quoting.
The prices of upstream intermediates remain on the high side, which adds up to the higher cost of technical materials and may cause supply shortage. The price of difenoconazole technical has risen to Yuan 230,000 per ton. Propiconazole technical has come down to Yuan 160,000 per ton. Hexaconazole technical production has been more centralized with Yuan 180,000 per ton being quoted in the market.
Tebuconazole technical is at a low level of stock with market quote at Yuan 130,000 per ton. Tricyclazole technical is in short supply and is being quoted at Yuan 76,000 per ton as its intermediate price is on high side.
Carbendazim technical is being quoted at Yuan 38,500 per ton. The supply of pyraclostrobin technical is restricted due to restrained supply of intermediates, but market is currently quite slow and is being quoted at Yuan 290,000 per ton.
Till now, all formulation enterprises have been pushing deliveries, which imposes great pressure on technical material vendors. The inventory needs may increase after the Chinese New Year.
Technical material prices are on the high side while market acceptability of higher price level is limited, resulting in lower volume of deliveries. The deliveries in the market are mostly associated with the low-price transactions, which are of limited volume. Therefore, no significant impact is caused to the market in general.
Source: AgroNews

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