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Ukraine: New mandatory labeling requirements for GE feed in 2020qrcode

Favorites Print Jan. 29, 2018
On December 21, 2017, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted the Law “On Feed Safety and Hygiene” (in Ukrainian), which contains requirements for labeling of GE feeds and GE organisms that are used in feeds in Ukraine. These new GE labeling requirements will enter into force on January 19, 2020.

According to Article 31 of the mentioned Law, GE feeds and GE organisms that are included in feeds are subject to mandatory labelling as follows:

Labels should include the name of the feed accompanied by the words “genetically modified” or “produced from genetically modified organisms”, as well as name(s) of GE organism(s) that are included in the feed. Labels should be displayed directly on the packaging for prepackaged feeds, as well as included with the accompanying paperwork required for bulk (non-packaged) feeds that are shipped to an end consumer.

Labels should also contain the following information:

  • - The GE feed’s characteristics distinguishing it from its conventional (non-GE) substitute, including: composition, nutritional value, impact on animal health, etc.;
  • - The features and characteristics of the GE feed that could cause religious or ethical concerns.

The mentioned labelling requirements are not applicable for a feed that contains less than 0.9 percent GE material of the total volume, under the stipulation that GE presence is technically unavoidable and feed producers provide proof that they took all necessary measures to extract GE content out of the feed.

For more information about GE labeling and GE policy in Ukraine please refer to GAIN Report UP1725.
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Source: USDA


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