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Syngenta launches Miravis Top in Argentinaqrcode

Jan. 24, 2018

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Syngenta launches Miravis Top in Argentina

Syngenta presented Miravis Top, a new fungicide of wide spectrum for the control of diseases in tomatoes and peppers in Argentina. Miravis Top combines the action of Adepidyn (pydiflumetofen), a new molecule that belongs to the chemical class of carboxamides, with difenoconazole. These active ingredients block respectively the respiratory procedure and the ergosterol synthesis of fungi.
The fungicide is recommended to treat Oidiopsis (Leveillula taurica) on peppers, and the control of powdery mildew (Oidium neolycopersici), leaf mold (Passalora fulva) and Stemphylium sp. on tomatoes.
In the horticultural area of La Plata, the most common disease are the powdery mildew and the leaf mold, combined with the bacteriosis produced by the bacterial canker. "These diseases are endemic here and were present in the last growth seasons. They occur for different reasons, depending on crop practice management and environmental conditions. From the academic point of view, we reinforce the importance of rotating products with different modes of action. When isolating pathogens from different field locations, we see that they are susceptible to fungicides. The analysis of strains that we collected from the greenhouses has shown some problems of resistance, especially on leaf mold. The new fungicides with different modes of action that control these pathogens are very useful,” said Pedro Balatti, Chair of Phytopathology of the Faculty of Agrarian Sciences of La Plata.
In this sense, Pablo Raggio, responsible for the technical service of fruits and vegetables at Syngenta, explained: “Miravis Top is a product with complementary modes of action and is stable within the plant, which allows it to be active longer against pathogens. It has an excellent resistance to rain and is adequate for the integrated management of diseases with three days of break before the harvest.”
“For Oidiopsis on peppers, we have obtained a new control with 100% of two applications (before the appearance of the first symptoms and 14 days later). In the two essays, phyto-toxicity was not observed, and it is a new alternative that can be rotated with the fungicides already known: Amistar Top and Reflect Xtra. On tomatoes, we have conducted tests of control with powdery mildew and leaf mold with similar results and control levels of 95%,” explained Joaquín Otero, manager of horticultural seed products at Syngenta.
Source: AgroNews

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