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Phyllom’s beetleGONE!®tlc and beetleGONE!®ag receive California approvalqrcode

Jan. 23, 2018

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Phyllom BioProducts Corp., the horticulture industry’s innovation player in microbial insect control, announced the California DPR approval for its novel adult beetle and weevil control, beetleGONE!®. Now landscape care pros and homeowners, concerned with unintended consequences, have a solution in beetleGONE!®tlc that provides targeted, season long control of devastating adult beetles in the season of application.
Likewise, using beetleGONE!®ag, growers of such crops as alfalfa, rice and cannabis now have a powerful, non-chemical insect control with an entirely different mode of action than the chemical products currently on the market which can be rotated into their IPM programs to combat field weevil pests and greenhouse beetle pests such as Flea Beetle. What’s more, the beetleGONE! label has no application restrictions when plants are blooming or bees are foraging, a minimal restricted-entry interval (REI) and is stamp-approved by the EPA’s National Organics Program (NOP) for Organic Production.
Adult scarab beetles such as Masked Chafers and Japanese Beetles are quickly becoming a problem for landscapers and farmers alike in the West with populations of these beetles becoming established in areas of the Western U.S.: Japanese Beetle (Portland, OR and Denver, CO) and Masked Chafer (Bay Area, CA). Not only will these beetles devastate crops such as wine and table grapes and blueberries but also ornamentals such as roses, Linden Trees and turfgrass.
BeetleGONE! tlc product is safe for treating landscapes where children, pets and sports enthusiasts play: homes, parks, sports fields, and golf courses. This optimal beetle control targets only the insect pest and leaves other creatures unharmed. Contrast our approach with traditional chemistry which commonly control the target insect along with many beneficial predators such as lady bugs and pollinators such as bees and are poisonous to children and their pets.
Alfalfa growers are also in need of a new product like beetleGONE! ag. There is a growing resistance issue with the traditional chemistries which are no longer effective in controlling some populations of alfalfa weevils (i.e. Scotts Valley, CA). Growers now have a new, high-performing insect control which can be used with the traditional controls to more effectively control these devastating pests and stave off resistance or used as a stand-alone product to control the pests while maintaining organic crop status.

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