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Rainbow’s chlorothalonil granule registered in Brazilqrcode

Favorites Print Jan. 18, 2018
Recently Rainbow’s fungicide chlorothalonil WDG (active ingredients being 85% chlorothalonil) was registered in Brazil, the registration was approved in favor of Rainbow Defensivos Agrícolas Ltda, who has so far obtained 15 registrations of technical material and 7 registrations of formulations.

Chlorothalonil is a low-toxic benzene-substitutional fungicide, which functions on the GAPDH of fungal cells to damage the enzymatic activity, thus to destroy the metabolism of fungal cells, leading to loss of vitality of fungal cells. It is mainly used for control of fungal diseases such as black spot, rust, gray mold and anthracnose. As one of the 3 protective fungicides, chlorothalonil is a prime product in Brazilian market. Chlorothalonil used to be applied mostly to fruit and vegetable, however over recent years the product is applied more and more to soybean. This application has enabled a significant growth of the market volume and the vitality of the product.

Rainbow is dedicated to research and development of agrochemicals and formulation products, especially the innovation of granule production process. At present the Brazilian market is dominated by chlorothalonil SC, with fewer registrations of WDG formulation.
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Source: AgroNews


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