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Cropchem obtained final registration for seven new formulations in 2017qrcode

Jan. 9, 2018

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Cropchem obtained final registration for seven new formulations in 2017

After obtaining the registration of Meson 480 SC (Mesotrione 480 SC) in December of 2017, the Brazilian agrochemical company, Cropchem closes the year with seven final registers obtained and doubles its portfolio in one year. The other products are: Krost 806 SL (2,4-D 806 SL), Abadin 72 EC (Abamectin 72 EC), Mantis 400 WG (Abamectin 400 WG), Kyron 750 WG (Nicosulfuron 750 WG), Chiva WP (Mancozeb 640 + Cymoxanil 80 WP) and Panga 900 WG (Atrazine 900 WG).
Aiming to help the Brazilian growers, the company obtained registrations of products to treat some main problems in the field, such as Helicoverpa (Helicoverpa armigera), Digitaria Insularis (Sourgrass), Tetranychus urticae (Two-spotted spider mite), Meloidogyne incognita (Southern root-knot nematode), Meloidogyne javanica (Root-knot Nematode), Conyza bonariensis (Hairy Fleabane), Leucoptera coffeella (Coffee leaf miner), Eleusine indica (Goosegrass) and Amaranthus deflexus (Large-fruit amaranth).
About the company:

Cropchem is a Brazilian company established in 2000, specialized in formulate and distribute pesticides in the Brazilian market. With 70 molecules and more than 70 formulations on its portfolio (including registered products and products under registration), Cropchem has headquarter in Porto Alegre and two distribution centers in strategic points and sells in the hole Brazilian market. 

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