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Jan. 4, 2018

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Chinese agrochemical company Jiangsu Huifeng Agrochemical and Nanjing Shineking Biotech signed an agreement on strategic cooperation on December 19, under which Huifeng was assigned some shares in Shineking, as well as the rights for application and marketing of Shineking’s polyglutamic acid and microbial formulations. 

With their respective advantages in research, production and marketing, both parties are prepared to use advanced microbial technology and products to promote the healthy development of agriculture, while adhering to the technical concept of “pesticide-fertilizer integration”.
Shineking Biotech is a leading drafter of the Chinese polyglutamic acid industry standard, as well as the sole company with full registration rights of polyglutamic acid from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. Its polyglutamic acid and bacillus subtillis compound microbial formulation series have attracted extensive attention in the industry.
The agreement allows Huifeng Agrochemical to invest in Shineking Biotech to enhance Shineking’s research capacity and also to build high-tech products, and access the market taking advantage of Huifeng’s distribution channels. Shineking Biotech can utilize Huifeng’s existing technical platforms and resources to make available good-for-sale high-tech products, which is a win-win situation for both the parties.
Huifeng Agrochemical has been continuously making major moves in the bio fertilizer sector. Huifeng’s two polyglutamic acid products, Gaogui and Juhe, recently released in the market, have been welcomed by dealers. Huifeng Agrochemical has submitted registration applications to the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture for several microbial fertilizer products as well. 
A world-class microbiology lab is being established to develop high-tech products, including novel bio-pesticides, botanical pesticides, compound microbial fertilizers, and all-element water-soluble fertilizers. A 5,000-Mu high-yield organic pilot farm is also being planned.


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