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Dec. 22, 2017

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Beijing Mindleader Agroscience Co.,Ltd.

At a market release conference in Nanning, Guangxi, held on the December 17, Beijing Mindleader launched its new product, Jianxiu. 
China’s pesticide market is presently a highly homogenized market, with a serious issue of resistance of plant diseases and insect pests. In this market only patented formulation and mixture products turn out to be competitive with differentiated features. In such market circumstances, Mindleader launched its Jianxiu, a mineral oil of facial beauty quality. 
Jianxiu is a product of the Chevron Corporation. With a 135-year long history, the US’ second largest oil company has taken up mineral oil as a single product for business applications. Trials and demonstrations on many crops and in many locations reveal Jianxiu’s broad-spectrum insecticidal, miticidal and fungicidal effect. 
The product is effective, fast-acting, long-lasting and also has a preventive effect. Its pure physical mechanism causes neither resistance nor stimulation of occurrence of other insect pests. It is an environment-friendly product, having been FDA and NSF accredited. 
After trials on crops in different locations, Jianxiu has proved appropriate for application to various fruit trees such as citrus and grapefruit for effective control of scale insects, citrus red mite, aphid, thrips, leafhopper, powdery mildew, and dark mildew. It can also be used to clear away fruit moss and dirt which adds up to fruit brightness as well as to prolong fruit shelf life.
After taking over Pilarquim, Mindleader has speeded up its process of globalization, trying to maintain an annual average growth of 30% in the coming three years to reach sales of above Yuan1 billion on the list of China’s top 50 pesticide enterprises.

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