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Simbiose launches new technology for application of biological pesticides in Brazilqrcode

Dec. 15, 2017

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Simbiose Agrotecnologia Biológica

Simbiose launches new technology for application of biological pesticides in Brazil

Guaranteeing that biological agents provide maximum effectiveness is one of the major challenges, and this leads technology companies to invest millions of dollars in formulations. Because these inoculants and pesticides are composed of living organisms, they are more vulnerable to environmental conditions.
“In the case of seed treatment, we face a difficulty due to treatment of fungicides and chemical insecticides, along with inoculants and biological products, consequently reducing the viability and effectiveness of living organisms,” explained Gustavo Valicente, International Marketing Manager at Simbiose.
According to Valicente, the practice of spraying in the furrow reduces the stress on inoculants and biological products by separating the contact with the chemicals involved in the seed treatment. This occurs also because they enter directly in contact with the soil — which has a favorable environment for the development of these biologicals.
“The practice of spraying in the furrow has grown in the last years with diverse companies supplying equipment that can distribute inoculants and biological products uniformly in the furrow. As all new technology, some difficulties were noticed, mostly with the equipment that works with engines and electric stirrers. Aiming to revolutionize this technology, Simbiose developed Simbiose Jet,” revealed Valicente.
It is a pioneer machine that uses the hydraulic drive system of the tractor, tank with thermal insulation and digital controls / GPS. In this way the spraying, agitating and cleaning systems are fed by a Comet pump, driven by the hydraulic oil of the tractor, solving the constant complaints of producers.
“In order to solve another constantly cited spare parts problem, Simbiose Jet uses valves, pumps and standard market parts, and thus easily found in specialized stores of spraying equipment or with commercial representatives,” added Valicente.
Valicente remarked that the great demand for this solution during the 2017-18 harvest motivated the company to take Simbiose Jet to Paraguay and Bolivia. Last year, he was in Paraguay visiting the major soybean producing regions and presented the technology.
“Paraguay has optimal conditions for agricultural production, such as fertile soil, favorable water regime and producers with high technological levels. Our Simbiose Jet was very well received by farmers of all sizes, and it added even more value to the business in Paraguay. The first commercial units of Simbiose Jet will arrive in Paraguay for the second soybean crop in 2018,” concluded Valicente.

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