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BASF extends use of Versatilis for yellow sigatoka leaf spot on bananasqrcode

Favorites Print Nov. 29, 2017
BASF Agriculture Solutions announced extension in the use of fungicide Versatilis (fenpropimorph) for the control of yellow Sigatoka this month. The disease has caused several losses due to favorable conditions at the beginning of the infection and the rapid rate at which it spreads.
Versatilis is a systemic fungicide that was originally launched for the control of Asian Rust on soybean. It also has uses for wheat and barley diseases, such as the wheat leaf rust (Puccinia triticina) and the stem rust (Puccinia graminis-tritici).
According to BASF, the control of the yellow Sigatoka is not simple, mainly because of the plant’s height; however, the integrated disease management has been efficient. Among the applied practices are soil drainage and weed control, reduction of moisture in the micro-climate, balanced fertilization, healthy defoliation, elimination of sick leaves or part of them, maintaining adequate shade for the plants, dense planting, use of resistant cultivars, and finally, the chemical control.
“Paying attention to the use of active ingredients at this point is important and works against the day-to-day agricultural production, the appearance of fungi populations and resistance to used fungicide. There are reports that the loss in the sensitivity of yellow Sigatoka populations, therefore, is important for the monitoring of the climate and the fungus population present in the area,”the BASF affirmed.
Favorites Print
Source: AgroNews


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