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China’s university QUST develops new acaricidal compound AC-118qrcode

Nov. 24, 2017

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By Think Real - Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST) in China recently announced that its researchers from School of Chemical and Molecular Engineering had successfully synthesised a new acaricidal compound AC-118 (螺甲丁酯) in reference to the technique for spiromesifen.
Tests were conducted to figure out its toxicity on carmine spider mites (eggs and female adults), as well as efficacy against tetranychus viennensis.It turned out that:
24% AC-118 SC: 96.1% of mites killed in 2,000-time diluent, and 93.0% in 3,000-time one (14 days after applied)
Ÿ24% AC-118 ME: 97.2% of mites killed in 2,000-time diluent, and 94.6% in 3,000-time one, both similar to effect of spiromesifen
“Compared with common acaricides, AC-118 shows stronger activity, higher efficiency and longer efficacy, thus it is worth further developing,” said a researcher of QUST.
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Source: Think Real


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