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Bayer provides solutions for protection of stored grain in Brazilqrcode

Favorites Print Oct. 12, 2017
By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for Agropages
Bayer has presented two products, K-Obviol EC and K-Obiol 2P, in Brazil directed toward preventive plague control in silo-storage grain. Insecticides K-Obviol EC and K-Obiol 2P are both composed from the active ingredient deltamethrin and registered for the effective control of stored grain.
Owing to the regional characteristics, crop types and grain production volume, the products are aimed mostly at the Southern and Center-Western regions in Brazil. “Taking into consideration the peculiarities of the storage system, we realized that a majority concentration of practices are in cooperatives, storage companies and processing companies, such as mills, rations shops and byproducts,” explained Alexandre Gurezi, a sales representative at Bayer.
According to the 11th 2016/17 Crop Survey, published in August by the National Supply Company (Conab), there is a production estimate of 238.22 million metric tons, a growth of 27.7% compared to the 2015-16 season, and it is equivalent to 51.6 million metric tons. When the grains are in storage, plague deposits, that is the presence of insect fragments and fungus contamination, can harm the grain in case they are not stocked properly.
According to the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture, the average production losses at the storage stage is 10% of the total grains produced annually. To avoid qualitative and quantitative loss of grain during all the process, Bayer gathered crop protection and environmental science experts to think in an integrative form for solutions. “Crop protection cares and promotes crop security from the plant to the harvest. Environmental science deals with care and protection of the grain coming from the crop, which is then sent for storage. This knowledge synergy seeks to preserve the product, minimizing the waste and maintaining sustainability,” Gurezi concluded.  
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Source: AgroNews


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